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The Truth About Decluttering

If you are finding it difficult to kickstart your decluttering project, perhaps it helps to have a closer look at the facts of decluttering to help you get off to the right start. I know sometimes I need a good reminder to get the motivation flowing again.

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The Hard Truth About Decluttering Your Home

Starting out with these decluttering truths will help get you on track with shifting your mindset so you can declutter your home once and for all. And once you are ready to flip that switch, you will be amazed how much easier the decluttering process will become!

1. It’s unlikely to be fun

Let’s put it right out there from the start. Decluttering can be a huge task. It can be time-consuming and it can be exhausting. It’s pretty much a form of cleaning. Put all that together and you get something that isn’t very fun.

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2. But it does feel good afterwards

Once you clear a space in your home, a bedroom or even a drawer, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Decluttering can give you the natural high that comes with getting stuff done and being productive. It can also create a sense of calm when you no longer have clutter crowding you.

3. It can be hard to let go

Sometimes we hoard things because they have some sentimental value. In certain cases, things are worth keeping for that very reason, but if we kept every item that ever evoked emotions, we would be buried alive so while it is damn hard sometimes to let go of certain things, it is also necessary.

4. Decluttering helps you simplify

Less stuff = less to clean, less to maintain, less to organise and less to trip over or store. So less in fact equals more when it comes to decluttering and simplifying your home life. Taking a minimalist approach at home can make a huge difference.

5. It can save you money

Cutting down on excess means you are less likely to spend on the unnecessary so often. You also have a better idea of what you have and where it is, so less likely to double up or need to replace an item simply because you cannot locate it.

6. Decluttering is a lifelong process

We may declutter our home from top to bottom, but through life, we collect new things and as such, decluttering will never be a once-off project. Decluttering is a lifelong habit. Once you get into the habit of regular decluttering, it will also become a lot easier.

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Here are some easy ways to get started with decluttering your home:

What is one thing you struggle to declutter?




Sunday 16th of October 2016

Great article, I agree it can be hard to let go of those sentimental items. It is amazing how we can form a personal attachment to our stuff. I love the idea of taking photos of those sentimental items and then letting go of the actual item.