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Bulk Green Smoothies

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When life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. We end up tempted to just grab the quick and easy, which may not necessarily be the healthiest choice.

I’m guilty of making some pretty lousy food choices sometimes. I am addicted to chocolate in a big way. I’m not adverse to the occasional pizza or other fast food, and I quite fancy a good old Aussie BBQ, with snags and steak on the BBQ… salad optional!


Sometimes these choices take their toll… more so on my self-respect than on my actual waistline (thank you good genes… or whatever it is that keeps my weight stable). I’m sure you know what I mean though… one too many bad choices and your body is craving a detox. Oh yeah!

Green smoothies are fabulous and so packed with goodness. They are also a great meal substitute sometimes, instead of making those poor choices such as that meat pie for lunch. However, they can be time consuming to prepare. That’s why you should freeze them!


  • Fruit  (berries, apple, orange, banana, mango etc)
  • Greens (Fresh spinach or kale)
  • Oats
  • Seeds or nuts  (chia seeds, almonds, sesame seeds etc)
  • Liquid (water, almond milk, coconut water etc)
  • Dates – optional

Preparing Smoothie Mix

1. Wash, peel and cut up all your different fruit and set aside.

2. Set up sandwich bags for your smoothie mix. You can fold over the top to make them free standing which helps a lot.

3. Pour quarter a cup of oats and a tablespoon of your chosen seed/nuts into each bag. Throw in a handful of greens and around 1 cup of fruit.

4. Seal the bags and freeze.

Making A Smoothie

1. Grab out a bag of frozen smoothie mix. You may want to do this earlier in the day or even the night before, as it can take a while when frozen. Throw the mix into a blender.

2. Add 1.5-2 cups of your chosen liquid. Blend.

3. Add in dates to sweeten if you desire, and extra liquid if needed to reach your preferred consistency.

4. Enjoy your green smoothie and feel fabulous!

So there you have it… a green smoothie method for even the busiest or laziest of people. It takes about an hour or less to make up 2-3 weeks worth of smoothie bags and only a minute or two to prepare on the day.

As far as ingredients go, throw in whatever you like. My husband likes to add a dollop of yoghurt into his for a thicker consistency. I tend to stick with almond milk to give it a lighter flavour. Frozen berries are an easy option. Mango is fabulous! Banana is a superfood. I could keep going…

What is your favourite smoothie combo?

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