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Easy Ways to Add Spring Style to Your Home

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With spring here for another year, there is no better time to refresh your home with a little bit of spring style. It’s a great excuse to invest in a couple of inexpensive home decor items, or find ways to add some spring style to the ones you already have.


Spring is a great time of year. I wouldn’t say my favourite, as I love summer, but it’s a very close second (and probably closer to first when I’m sweltering in 35+ degree heat in the middle of a Queensland summer). But what I love most about spring is the fresh air, flowers blooming and the way warm weather makes me want to get outside and have fun.

However, when life is a little on the busy side, there isn’t always time every day to get outside and enjoy the beauty of spring so why not add spring style to your home instead? After the spring cleaning is done of course.

Spring Style Colours

Easy ways to create spring style at home

When you think of spring, it’s colour that comes to mind. Pastels and florals especially. You can add spring style to your home by switching your dark coloured decor for brighter equivalents. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be so extreme.

Here are some easy spring style colour swaps you can do:

  • Bedroom linen
  • Bath towels
  • Tablecloths and placemats
  • Couch cushions
  • Table runners

Spring Style Decor

Easy ways to create spring style at home

Spring time is a great time to add a couple of stylish spring style decor items to your home, such as a new vase or a funky fruit bowl to display your bright coloured (and edible) decorations. They don’t need to be expensive. Discount stores are a great option for vases and bowls, as well as other cool spring home decor.

Or time to dust off the decor you already have and get it ready for spring.

Mostly spring is about flowers and blooms. Fill a vase with flowers that will give your home spring style in a flash. You could go with plastic flowers, but nothing compares to the real thing.

Fresh flowers will give your home a lovely spring fragrance too, and if you have no time to get to the flower market (and don’t want to settle for wilted supermarket flowers), that’s okay.

Spring Style Wreath

Easy ways to create spring style at home

Wreaths are becoming a popular home decor item, not only reserved for Christmas. Pinterest is full of inspirational for seasonal wreaths. You could create an easy DIY floral wreath using plastic or paper flowers. Or the real thing, for an ever-changing fresh wreath that smells great.

Spring Style for You

Easy ways to create spring style at home

And if surrounding yourself with lovely sprinklings of spring style through your home isn’t enough, why not pull out that floral dress or pastel shorts you’ve had stashed away since the warm weather left? Team it with some pretty pastel accessories or nail polish and you are ready to embrace spring in a big way!

Do you add any spring style to your home or fashion when the weather warms up?

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