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Social Media Scheduling: A ViralTag Review

There is no doubt about it, managing a business… or several of them, can be incredibly time consuming, and that’s just the brand building and networking side of things! These days with social media being such an essential part of any successful brand or business, things are even more time consuming than ever. That’s where scheduling tools are one of the biggest time savers!!

I have shared on several occasions the power of Pinterest scheduling tools for your business. This is an area I love as Pinterest is one of my favourite things EVER! And a big reason for that isn’t just because I can spend hours trawling the pins for inspiration on anything and everything, but because of the amount of traffic Pinterest generates for my business and blogging.

As the owner of 3 blogs and a small business that relies strongly on social marketing, being familiar with different scheduling tools has become a bit of a passion, so with the opportunity to review ViralTag once again, I was excited to give it a go!

Viraltag review


Around 2 years ago I did a free trial of ViralTag mostly just focused on Pinterest scheduling. These days I will admit I am far more time poor than ever with 2 kids and everything else to juggle too. There is no longer an hour or two a day to focus on building my social media presence. And having let this side of things slide in the past year, it has shown with blog traffic dropping and cold market contacts declining also. My own fault…

What I need is a scheduling tool that will allow me to schedule across multiple platforms at times I choose, as well as making it easy for me to reschedule these for later times too. It needed to be more than just Pinterest. And ViralTag is now so much more!

ViralTag offers scheduling for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Linkedin Profiles and Linkedin Pages. That’s a lot of areas to grow your presence!

For me, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the ones I tend to focus most on as these are the places my audience is most typically found. As a travel blogger, images are a big deal so the integration of Instagram scheduling has been an extremely valuable addition to my scheduling options.

ViralTag also supports video content! Video is indeed the way forward so it is essential to any scheduling tool!

Viraltag review

Instagram scheduling works with a second ViralTag app that alerts you when your post is due to go live, to allow you to quickly copy the text and open the image in Instagram, and post from there. This is not completely automatic but it still saves so much time compared to doing this as time permits and potentially forgetting, or not having time to do so during the most popular posting times. A game changer!

ViralTag offers different subscription options depending on your needs, whether you are an individual, a business or a brand. Each of these types of subscription offer a different number of linked social accounts and admins for the account, depending on what you require. There is also a budget friendly blogger version that allows just 3 social accounts, as an easy way to share blog content across your 3 main networks.

There is also a 20% discount on annual plans compared to the monthly subscription pricing.

ViralTag is easy to set up and you have the option of installing a browser plug in so you can schedule items as you are browsing online. No need to open the ViralTag website to do so. This is a great option to have!

You can choose one or multiple social networks as your schedule, with the option of adding hashtags to your posts as well. It even gives some suggested hashtags based on your content!

Although possibly my favourite option is the fact you can set up multiple future schedules at the same time rather than needing to do these individually. This is something that was lacking in the past when completing my review of multiple scheduling tools for most, so this is my favourite feature for sure! You may want to share the same post once a month, or maybe it’s seasonal so you want to set it up to schedule around Easter each year. It’s definitely a great way of being organised into the future!


Overall, ViralTag is simple to use and effective in building your online presence through social media. I found it to be useful and to have most of the functionality I would hope for as a small business/blogger user. The analytics also help you to measure the success of your posts, which is extremely useful for growth!

You can learn more about ViralTag on their website.

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