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5 Processses to Simplify Your Day

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Since introducing a second child into our family, while juggling the usual home life balance and launching a second blog, the past couple of months have been hectic and as a result, it has encouraged me to re-evaluate some of my daily process (or lack of) in order to simplify your day. 

Some of these are processes that we’ve had in place in the past, others are areas that were severely lacking in routine or organisation, long overdue for a re-assessment. But each work together to keep our household running smoothly and orderly.

5 easy processes to simplify your day

5 Processes to Simplify Your Day

Plan Ahead

Have a visual display somewhere in your home to remind you of everything coming up. This may be a calendar or a simple noticeboard with a list of events and dates. 

Some people use a noticeboard and pin relevant items to it, such as invitations or appointment slips. Or you could use something more detailed such as a whiteboard calendar to visualise ahead.

Task Focus

It helps to be aware of everything you need to do, because let’s face it, when things get busy, it can be easy to forget some of those must-do tasks. This is where we need some way to keep track of tasks.

Consider keeping lists of things that need to be done. You may want a master list with everything that needs doing, then smaller to do lists for day to day items when you need to maximise your efforts.

I use a daily planner as my number method of staying organised, which works perfectly for me working from home.


A to-do list is not much good if you don’t set yourself a deadline to get things done.  

Set yourself a deadline for each of the tasks you add to your list to make sure they get done.

Consider the famous Mark Twain saying about eating a frog first thing in the morning – in other words, tackle the worst tasks first so your day can only get easier.

Develop Routines

Putting routines into place can make a world of difference. It can simplify your day drastically with a few small routine changes.

Try regular bedtimes and wake ups, or scheduling certain tasks for certain days, like doing the washing and vacuuming or in my case, building a blogging routine into my week instead of flying by the seat of my pants.

It helps when you know what to expect for the day ahead and kids flourish with routines too usually.

Meal planning is one of the routines we incorporate into our weekly routine, to help us avoid wasting time on what is for dinner at the last minute.

Share the Load

We’ve all been guilty of getting on with it and doing everything ourselves just to make sure it gets done when it comes to certain duties around the home, but this isn’t helping anyone.

Get other family members involved in the processes that need to be done and save yourself time by sharing the load.

This could mean teaching your partner how to use the washing machine so they can put on a load before they leave for work in the morning, or showing your toddler how to throw their own food scraps in the bin after a meal.

It may only save you 30 seconds here and there, but it sure does simplify your day when you aren’t responsible for doing everything for everyone.

Age appropriate chores printable

Which of these areas needs the most work to simplify your day?

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