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Simplify My Life Challenge – Minimise

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One of the keys to a more simplified life is to minimise. This can be interpreted in many ways, with different relevance to different individuals. For some this may mean less stuff, minimising material possessions and clutter. For others this may simply mean cutting back certain things, spending less, worrying less, doing less. Or perhaps a combination of them both.


For me, my main steps to minimise in recent months were both a necessity with a reduced income after walking away from my previous career to pursue different interests, but also a want to cut back on some of what was unnecessarily filling my life. Too much stuff, frivolous spending and being too busy to just enjoy the moments.

Here are some areas you could minimise in your life:


The Simplify My Life challenge is a great help for this one, minimising the amount of unnecessary clutter in our lives with a room by room declutter. By getting rid of stuff we no longer need, it means less mess, less to maintain and often less that you will want. Clearer spaces in the home can reduce stress as we don’t feel so overwhelmed with clutter.


A little extra cash never goes astray. Cut back on buying new stuff you don’t need like 3 of the same shirt in different colours or a new pair of heels when you already have 28 pairs you rarely wear. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need it either. And start making your own morning coffee and stop buying it. Same goes for making lunch rather than eating out every day.


Some of us are prone to over committing and saying yes to everything. Or taking on too many hobbies, becoming the do-er of all and master of none. Consider cutting back on how much you are doing if you find you’re always busy. There is nothing wrong with saying no. Instead you can spend that time enjoying those simple moments with loved ones, making precious memories.

What areas of your life would you like to minimise? 

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