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Simplify My Life Challenge

I had big plans for 2014. Plans to finally get back to basics, downsize, declutter, build better habits and just ” SIMPLIFY MY LIFE “ overall. For various reasons, I barely made an impact on those plans this year. Pitiful effort really. But that’s okay, because I am going to OWN 2015!

And the best part – YOU CAN TOO! 

In 2015 I am launching my year long ” SIMPLIFY MY LIFE ” CHALLENGE to get me sorted and to help you to do the same, and simplify your life too, because let’s face it, I’m not the only one who has a ‘been meaning to…’ list, am I? Nope. Didn’t think so.

But SIMPLIFY MY LIFE is much more than another declutter and home organisation challenge. We’ve all seen and probably tried plenty of those. I know I have once or twice with some result. Oh no… it is so much more. It is about simplifying your life from top to bottom, whether it be the physical stuff (clutter, organisation, health), the emotional stuff (family, friendships, personal wellbeing) and everything in between. Yep… a total life overhaul!


I hope so. A complete life cleanse is just what the doctor ordered in 2015 and there is power in numbers (and accountability). So please join me to help us both get on track to having more time to spend on the things that really matter, by SIMPLIFYING and removing unnecessary clutter from every aspect of our lives. Instead, let’s fill our lives with the good stuff. The people, things and habits that matter most so we can tackle life head on AND BE THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES.




Each month there will be 3 separate challenges, usually going live on the first, second and third Tuesday of the month. The first monthly challenge will be about decluttering tips for an area of your home, the second will be organising a part of your life, and the third will be about simplifying your life and getting back to basics, by identifying what is really important and where we can cut the crap from our lives.

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No problem. Just start with the latest challenges and if you have the time or areas of specific need, work your way back through the past challenges in any order you please. There is no need to do every challenge or to follow along chronologically. We are keeping it SIMPLE, so let the challenge work for you.


I will be adding links to each of the 3 monthly challenges below as they go live in case you join in later and want to know where to find them all in one easy place. Each of the declutter tasks come with a free printable checklist to help you get the area sorted easily. There are lots of free printables with the monthly organise tasks too, such as templates for cleaning schedule, budgeting and event planning.


Kitchen Declutter

   Year Planning

Evaluate your Time


Bathroom Declutter

Cleaning Schedule

Consolidate your Time


Main Bedroom Declutter

Finances and Budgeting

Establish New Habits u0026amp; Routines


Kids Bedroom Declutter

Home Inventory



Laundry Declutter

Organise Tax Records



Living Room Declutter

Organise Home Maintenance



Computer Declutter

Organise Photos



Home Office Declutter

Organise Paperwork



Dining Room Declutter

Organise Family Routine



Garage u0026amp; Outdoors Declutter

Organise Holidays u0026amp; Travel



Hobbies u0026amp; Spare Room Declutter

Organise Events



Declutter Extra Storage Spaces

Organise New Year


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    1. Hi Jessica, just follow along each month and join the tasks you want. My newsletter sends a reminder for each task so be sure to sign up :) Would also love to hear your progress along the way! Good luck.

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  36. Will you be keeping all of these links up through this year? I’m starting this challenge now and just want to make sure:) Also, do you have the rest of the links for October, November & December? I cant get to them from your list. Let me know! Thanks :)

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