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Sell Unwanted Stuff Like a Boss

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With all this decluttering going on around here, there is a whole lot of stuff to get rid of. It’s one thing to remove it from one space but much good if we are simply dumping it elsewhere in the house. So what to do now?

Easy… We sell it!

Well not all of it. No one wants your out of date cereal or broken shoes, but the stuff that’s of value that we aren’t donating or giving away needs to find itself a new home somehow.

Here are some of the best places to sell you unwanted goods & get a little extra cash back in your pocket:

1. eBay

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you want eBay is. It’s pretty much made a name for itself by now but just in case you’ve just returned from 20 years in the jungle with no wifi, eBay is a mammoth buying, selling and auction site for new and used goods. You list your stuff online (which can take about 5-10 minutes to create a basic listing) and set your price. You can do buy it now with a set price or set your item for auction and hope for the best. The method really depends on the item and the lowest you’re willing to sell for. Once your item sells, you get paid and you post it (or if you arranged local pick up, they come get it).

2. Garage sale

For as long as there were garages, there have been garage sales (or at least I assume so). Set your garage/car port/driveway up as a store front, stick some price tags on your stuff and advertise. You can do this with signs, online or in the paper. Then wait for people to come. It’s great for selling lots in one sitting… Fingers crossed! Be prepared for negotiations. People come looking for a bargain.

3. Facebook

You could do a status letting your friends know you have certain items for sale. Depends on your friends and what’s on offer.

Alternatively, Facebook selling groups can be your friend. Often there are groups set up for your local area, each with their own selling rules so get familiar before you post. Generally you post pics of your items with prices and pick up suburb and other members can comment sold or ask questions. This can be a great way to move stuff easily but it all depends on the demand. Sometimes you have little or no success, other times you may have 20 people all wanting to buy the same item.

4. Online Trading Sites

Sites such as Gumtree here in Australia or Craigslist are somewhere between eBay and facebook groups. You post your pics and item details online, people can contact you and arrange pick up. The good thing is with these types of sites, you get a more targeted audience for the items you are selling through searches and you may find them more successful than garage sale groups… And cheaper than eBay for selling as most are free to list.

5. Second Hand Stores

This can be another quick way to get rid of stuff and get cash fast but they are usually a lot more selective on what they will buy. Old technology or outdated products are unlikely to be of interest and expect a lower sale price than private sales online or in person, but immediate results can be nice.

6. Handmade Sites

This is a little different but if you find in your decluttering you have a lot of handcrafted items or craft related supplies, handmade sites like Etsy may be a good option for some of your decluttering. You may even find your stuff selling like hot cakes and inspire some more creating.

7. Friends & Family

Certain items may be of interest to people you know. Got a spare fridge and know someone moving out? Ask them if they are interested. Same goes for DVDs, CDs, technology and the like. But remember, they are your friends so they may be expecting mates rates. Go careful.

8. Markets

Lots of local flea markets are available for anyone to set up a stall for a fee. This is usually fairly reasonable and you just have to take your table if not supplied and other display items for your stuff. A couple of weeks of selling at the markets may be the perfect solution for your decluttering sell off… If you’re up for the early mornings.

There you have it! Plenty of options to sell unwanted stuff LIKE A BOSS! So want are you waiting for? Get selling because then you can go shopping… I mean… Save that money real good!.

Do you have any super selling tips to share?

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