Save Time With a Meal Planner

Do you ever reach 3PM or worse… it’s already dinner time and you hadn’t even thought that far ahead? You are hungry….STARVING! The family are asking “What’s for dinner?”. There is no time to create a dinner masterpiece because you don’t even have the ingredients for half of your go to recipes. Uh oh… now what?  Takeaway… baked beans on toast? That is where a meal planner can become your best friend!

Meal planning can take a bit of practice because some of us like some spontaneity in our lives. But that’s okay. You can still meal plan with flexibility for those last minute changes of plans.

Having an idea of what you will eat for dinner each night is great to avoid those last minute attempts at coming up with something new, since you have already planned your menu and your groceries for the week ahead. There are no last minute rushes to find something for the family, plus you have already purchased all the ingredients you need ahead of time, so no last minute dash to the shops to grab that bag of breadcrumbs. Win win!

Meal planning saves time that can be better spent lsewhere, and we all like the idea of a simplified life!

Meal planning also saves money. No more wasting fresh food you purchased on a whim that you never got around to using. Such a big waste of cash when you are throwing our veggies, meat, and everything in between that could have been put to good use.

It also gives you time to make adjustments as you need to to suit a sudden ‘date night’ with hubby when the in laws offer to babysit, or that catch up with a friend who is only in town for the weekend. You can simply shift things around to work to your advantage, moving a meal to the following weeks meal plan perhaps.

And to make your life even easier, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you will even score yourself a fabulous MEAL PLANNER template for your personal use, to print and help you in your planning each week. It includes your daily meal planner as well as a shopping list for the ingredients you need to buy.

meal planner

You may want to print a new one each week, or as a bonus tip, consider laminating it or placing it in a plastic sleeve and writing on it each week with a whiteboard marker then simply wiping it clean and starting fresh for the next week. How awesome is that? See a dodgy pic below of my example using a simple plastic sleeve. Then I just snap a photo of my grocery list on my phone when I head out the door to avoid rubbing off the whiteboard marker when out and about.

meal planner

So subscribe now and score yourself a meal planner freebie so you can start your journey to “Simplify my life”.

And if you’re feeling really motivated, you may even want to try freezer cooking for an even bigger time saver. It works in well with meal planning… only taking away the day to day need to cook meals. I have several suggested recipes here too.

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  1. Meal planning certainly saves time…and money! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I’ve pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  2. I agree that meal-planning needs to be practiced. I do plan but as the days pass, the plan never gets to be followed because leftovers, appetite and kids call for adjustments. now I’m trying to incorporate and assume leftovers in my plan so at the end of the week, my goal is to not waste food :)

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