Attipas Shoes: Ergonomic Toddler & Baby Shoes

My daughter is a fashionista… at the age of almost 19 months. She is always adorning herself with some sort of fashion accessory. A headband… a necklace… or a pair of shoes. Often accessories that don’t match her outfit in the slightest, but hey, kids need to express themselves even at that age.

A recent opportunity arose to review a pair of Attipas ergonomic toddler and baby shoes. I read a little about them and loved the concept. Essentially they are shoes designed to be lightweight like socks, but with far more support.


While we did not struggle too much to introduce Lily to shoes when she was starting to pull up and work on her walking, so many of my friends have said their much older toddlers were still hating shoes. With this in mind, I was curious to see what Attipas baby shoes were like.

They come in so many colours and styles. It was tough to choose but I went with gender neutral red, loving that they resemble my red Converse hi-top sneakers.

Yep, it is winter here. Still warm enough for thongs (flip flops) usually ;)

Our first impression was one of amusement. My mum described them as clown shoes & they didn’t stay on for long. Bearing in mind we were indoors, and Lily was tired, so shoes were not on her agenda!


The real trial came with a trip to the park. And oh boy did we get them grubby! She was running, climbing, sliding… all that fun park stuff & the Attipas shoes did nothing to slow her down. In fact, the lightweight materials likely made it easier.


And thankfully with a quick wipe over with a wet wipe, they were pretty much clean again. Although another bonus is they are machine washable.

After the park – but a quick wipe and good as new

We also had her wearing the shoes around the grocery store a few days later. She had a great time running away from me. Then back home, she would normally pull shoes off straight away. It was another hour before we took the Attipas shoes off and only because I took them off for her.

I was worried being such a cool day here and the fact that they are plastic inside with breathable air holes that her toes would be cold. Nope. Warm enough without being hot. Excellent!

Home from shopping – and the shoes look new again after the park trip

Overall, the shoes are great. They initially took a little getting used to thanks to my mum’s ‘clown shoes’ reference, however they are actually really cute and funky looking and don’t look chunky at all. They offer toe and heel protection and are far more supportive and protective of little feet than soft soled pre-walkers and they weigh barely a thing. Lots of colours. Machine washable. Lots of positives, but most of all the fact Attipas are ergonomic shoes.

So next time someone mentions the struggle of having their toddler adjust to shoes, this will be my recommendation. Such a fantastic concept and highly recommended! The Attipas shoes will now be our go to casual shoes instead of sandals over winter too as it keeps her little feet a lot warmer!

Check out the great range of Attipas baby and toddler shoes for yourself here


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