I have the wonderful pleasure of being part of the Becky Higgins 2015 Project Life Creative Team. Such an honour. Here you will find my 2014 digital project life layouts and full album along the way. Plus be sure to pop over and check out some of my other complete digital albums and resources, including tips on my creative process, so you get a behind the scenes look.

Complete 2014 project life album

03ee4 title2014
8e66e week1
3424b week2
18d4d week3
3c3a7 week4
B59d3 week56double
8dd40 week7a
48c1b week7b
2da02 week8a
Fd80b week8b
D5336 week9a
836bc week9b
D547d week10a
0fc7d week10b
5f63f week11a
6cd96 week11b
D79b2 week12
044c5 week13
8a198 week14a
3c1d0 week14b
0d123 week15b
23a9d week15b
F8c8d week16a
B1e21 week16b
3f86c week17a
66f55 week17b
F8452 week18a
06ad7 week18b
D1cfa week19a
55aef week19b
Ae9b4 week20a
8d8a2 week20b

I have used a huge range of kits from Becky Higgins for my 2014 project life album, with the exception of 2 layouts. Templates are a combination of Becky Higgins and Lori Whitlock digital project life templates. If you want to know specifics, let me know though. Hope you have enjoyed viewing my family 2014 project life album and be sure to check out some of my other full albums too.

4 thoughts on “2014”

  1. Such lovely layouts! I’m so jealous of everyone that has the app, since I have an android phone! You guys have a lot of great adventures that will be so fun to look back on. Thanks for linking up with Project Life Monday!

    1. Thanks Sara. These are on PC though rather than the app, although I am using it to document my pregnancy currently. Hopefully it’s on android real soon. It’s a time saver :)

  2. I love your layouts! !! What did you use to do your dates on the photos? I wish there was a way to do that in the app but until then… I love the uniform look of yours and would love to do that.


    1. Thanks so much Jen. The date stamps are from Carina Gardiner in the Snap Click Supply digi store. I love them. I suppose it’s something that could be added later if you did your layouts in the app and then opened in photoshop to add extra elements. A bit fiddly though :)

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