how to prepare for an emergency

How to Prepare For An Emergency

Over the past four years, my home state, and Australia overall has been hit by many major natural disasters – several instances of major flooding, bush fires and cyclones are among the most common. Thankfully it has resulted in minimal impact on me personally, however so many others have not been so lucky. So tell me, are you prepared for an emergency?

Being outside of the high risk zones, I will admit we weren’t prepared. Instead we were somewhat complacent with the idea that we would be just find (and thankfully were), but I imagine many others thinking the same got caught out unexpectedly.

how to prepare for an emergency

Living in a place with tropical weather means lots of big storms and flash flooding are a common place event. There was once a time this would have shocked me, but these days it seems every heavy rain comes with some area under water and houses or businesses severely impacted. It means we all need to be well aware in case of an emergency, whatever that emergency be. This is relevant to any part of the world so I hope you find it useful so you too can prepare for an emergency, well ahead of time.

So here is what you need to prepare for an emergency, whether it be natural disaster, zombie apocalypse (you never know lol) or man made risk:


Spare batteries
Battery operated device chargers
Battery operated radio
Utility tool
Non-perishable food items (3 days worth)
Spare set of clothes for each family member (in water proof bag)
Water / water bottle
First aid kit
Spare house and car keys
Pet food
Copy of important documents (insurance policies, birth certificate, passports, prescriptions)
Baby care needs (formula, nappies, wipes)
Special care needs


Stock up your pantry
Stock up on pet supplies
Get medication prescriptions filled
Stock up on baby and personal hygiene items
Fill the car with petrol
Fill some buckets with water (in case power loss = no water)
Fill up gas bottles for external appliances such as barbecue
Stock up on bottled water and long life milk
Charge phones and devices
Clear home of potential tripping hazards
Put car in garage or sheltered area if possible
Subscribe to emergency updates
Follow news updates and warnings for local area
Check in on neighbours if safe to do so
Have pet carriers and leads in accessible place
If evacuation is likely, pack car with emergency kit and other essentials
Activities to occupy kids in power outage/evacuation situation

To prepare for an emergency, or just general life setbacks, such as theft or loss, it also pays to have an up to date home inventory that is backed up somewhere outside of your home so you can access it easily afterwards. This will save a lot of time and stress for insurance claims should you ever need to go down that path.

Are you prepared for an emergency? If you have experienced one, what are your preparation tips?


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    1. That would be scary. We are fairly safe from disaster zones but you never know. We are close to flood zones but too high up to likely ever be affected. Fingers crossed we both stay disaster free.

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