Oxo Greensaver Produce Keepers from Howards Storage World - Review

Keep Food Fresh Longer: OXO Greensavers Review & Giveaway

When it comes to buying groceries and eating or cooking with fresh produce, one of the most frustrating parts is when food spoils before you have a chance to use it. While we try our best to minimise wastage in our home, sometimes certain produce lasts barely a couple of days before losing crispness or starting to rot.

Over the years I have tried different methods to help increase the lifespan of certain fresh foods, such as storing them in different ways, separating, wrapping in foil, pre-rinsing and other random suggestions, mostly found in my Pinterest feed. They haven’t made a lot of difference though.

OXO Greensavers Review - keep your fresh foods fresh for longer with the new range from Howard's Storage World

Why Does Produce Go Bad?

Apparently the cause of speedy wilting of vegetables is due to the release of ethylene gas, which speeds ripening. Bananas are a huge culprit of this and can speed up the ripening of other produce when stored together.

It is also the combination of improper airflow and uncontrolled humidity in the fridge that cause the produce to wilt and over ripen quickly.

So when Howard’s Storage World offered me the chance to check out their newest range of products, I jumped at the chance to do an OXO Greensavers review, and was gifted a set to try at home.

Oxo Greensaver Produce Keepers from Howards Storage World - Review


These unique containers have an activated carbon system to extend the life of fruits and vegetables. The carbon filters trap and absorb the ethylene gas, which slows the aging process and helps your produce to stay fresh longer.

They also have an elevated basket inside the container to promote airflow, which slows the rotting process, plus an adjustable vent at the top of each OXO Greensaver container, which slides open or closed to maintain optimum humidity for different produce types.

With all this combined, your fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer, reducing the amount of food wastage in your home.

Oxo Greensaver Produce Keepers from Howards Storage World - Review
My fridge is rarely this empty but we just cleaned it out before grocery shopping

Are they safe?

I can imagine some of you may be worried about the idea of having a carbon filter in your food containers, and the possibility of it letting off chemicals or toxins. No need to worry. The filters in the OXO Greensavers are made from natural coconut husks, so they are non-toxic and safe. Awesome!

Do the OXO Greensavers Work?

No doubt you are keen to hear if these new products actually do what they claim to do and the simple answer is YES!

Since using the OXO Greensavers, we have not had to throw out any of the produce we stored in the containers. One of the most frequently wasted products in our home has always been lettuce, gone soggy and starting to rot because we didn’t use the whole thing up within the first few days. The current lettuce we have is about 2.5 weeks old… and while it may not be as crisp as it was on day one, it’s not showing any signs of going bad as yet and is still fine to use.

Oxo Greensaver Produce Keepers from Howards Storage World - Review
Handy guide on how to use the Greensavers for different produce

The OXO Greensavers are also doing a great job keeping our carrots from going soft as they sometimes do when we don’t use them up soon enough. Instead they are crunchy and fresh, and thankfully there is a container that is the perfect fit for longer veggies.

Where Can I Get Some?

You can purchase the OXO Greensaver Produce Keepers from Howard’s Storage World, either in store or online from their website.

See below for the available OXO Greensaver range:

  • 1.5L Container – RRP $39.95
  • 4L Container – RRP $59.95
  • 4.7L Container – RRP $69.95
  • Crisper insert – RRP $16.95
  • Carbon refill – RRP $24.95

Want to win $100 to spend?

Now that you’ve read about these fabulous new products from Howard’s Storage World, I bet you’d love a chance to buy yourself a set, right? Or to grab some of the many other awesome products that will simplify your life and help you get organised at home.  Lucky for you, HSW have also been generous enough to provide a $100 gift voucher to one of my lucky readers.

For your chance to win, leave a comment below sharing your best tip for minimising food waste.

*Note: Giveaway open for Australian residents only. Winner will be chosen based on most creative answer. Entries close midnight on 7th September and will be contacted via email, so make sure you keep an eye out if you are the winner.

I was gifted a set of OXO Greensavers products from Howard’s Storage World in exchange for writing a review. All opinions are my own.

41 thoughts on “Keep Food Fresh Longer: OXO Greensavers Review & Giveaway”

  1. I menu plan. And I get the kids involved in the planning and creating so they can suggest things they like to eat. That way, they’re more likely to actually eat what I make, as they had a hand in the whole process. I do have to lay down the law when they start suggesting chocolate ice-cream for dinner though!

  2. I live on a farm and there is still waste! I have found that leftover veggies can be made into soups, stir fries and curries. I started this when the kids were little and its a good habit to get into! Even though there is only 2 of us left now, the family often visits and freezing them for later is a good option!

  3. On the rare occasion that I have a dead lettuce I feed it to my worms. Even though I have a small backyard, I can recycle most of the waste into my worm farm and feed my tiny garden and the pot plants. I recently started process the larger offcuts, outer cabbage leaves so the materials breaks down quicker.

    The food savers look wonderful thanks for the review

  4. Meal plan so you only buy what’s needed for the meals – if you have friends that live on their own give them a home cooked meal ☺️? sharing is caring

  5. Meal plans help me minimise waste as I buy what I need and I choose when to have each meal based on how fast the fresh food with go off. These products would help greatly so I don’t need to shop as often

  6. Every week we have two days as “cook with whatever in the fridge days”. Mostly these days are before the grocery shopping day. We cook two meals each day only with things that are in the fridge – this way nothing is left hidden in the fridge and we consume things before they pass their best before dates – we eat fresh, healthy meals and keep food wastage to the minimum.

  7. Only buy what you will use in a week (or less) Don’t buy food items just because they are on special, Stop and think will I use all that this week. I don’t write a meal plan, I take 3-4 meat items from the freezer to defrost in the fridger each week and decide each night what I’m cooking from what I have available. I will buy more Vegies when I have used all of what I have in the fridge.

  8. We cut and store all our produce when we get home from shopping. All our vegetables are put in containers with paper towels top and bottom to absorb any moisture, this keeps veggies fresher and crisper for longer. I guarantee it.

  9. Twice a week have “Buffet Night” – really an excuse to use up leftovers and cook weird things – it’s fun for everyone and costs nothing – use whatever you have and be creative.

  10. Cut it up and store it in containers as soon as you buy it. That way when things get hectic during the week half of your meal prep is already done and there’s plenty to choose from!!

  11. Freeze leftovers in serve size portions for meals on the run, lazy lunches, or dinners for when you’re wanting takeaway. Reduces food waste and is so much better for you because you don’t eat junk, as a healthy meal is only a few minutes away in the microwave.

  12. Helga Grenkowitz

    We hardly ever have food waste because we either mix leftovers together to create a new meal; or it is something the dogs might like as well; everything else will be composted or goes into the worm farm.

  13. My best tip is to not go to the shop for a top-up have extra bread in the freezer and get hubby to buy extra milk,then you are not tempted to buy food you will not eat.

  14. Less is best, not more is best. When shopping rather buy quality then enmasse. Otherwise we have once a week leftover day, we try to come up with new creations for dinner, everyone can participate.

  15. I hate food waste, people take it for granted that everything is on tap, I only buy what I need and cook everything before it goes off! Veges stay fresher when kept in the bag, I put absorbant paper under lettuce and also under sliced meat and I freeze bread.

  16. I try to meal plan but we are still wasting … I make veggie stock and bottle it, it keeps forever – sometimes I even give some away. There are always leftovers in the fridge, if not eaten the next day it goes into marked plastic containers … It works well when I don’t have time to cook!! Just defrost and heat it up!!

  17. I am such a food-waste nazi! I never go grocery shopping without doing a full inventory of the food we have on hand, I hate nothing more than buying a product and then realising I already had it at home. And then the second one going bad before I get around to using it. On Tuesday nights (the night before my main grocery shopping day) we always have a good clean out of the fruit and veggie drawers. Between the kids lunchboxes and that nights dinner I can usually use the rest of the produce up so that we are ready to start fresh the next day.

  18. Technology is amazing these days! I’d love to win a Howard’s Storage gift voucher.

    My best food waste tip is to get a wet paper towel and wrap your herbs in the paper towel. Then wrap this with glad wrap and seal off any air. Your herbs will last 2 weeks longer!!! The herbs soak in the water and stay happy!!!

    Your basil will be happier for it


  19. There is a use for everything and then there is the compost bin which helps me make my own veggies extra yummy! We all love a bit of bubble and squeak as well, especially after a roast dinner!

  20. Plenty of storage for food that will be used later, whether in a crisper or freezer bags, there is no waste in our house. The things you can cook up with leftovers is amazing and appetizing, and the wife loves all of my meals

  21. Christy van Heerden

    Do some research on freezing foods – you’d be surprised what can be frozen without compromising taste or nutrition. For veggies, cook before freezing. Defrosting some mashed potato will also be more attractive at the end of a long day than buying junk food while the potatoes spoil in your pantry!

  22. Redefine “waste” – we used to throw out lettuce cores, carrot tops and celery bottoms, until we discovered that we could sit them in water on the windowsill and they regrow into brand new veggies! This saves the environment and our wallets, and it’s super fun to watch the veggies grow :)

    Those containers are a great idea, I had never heard of them so thanks for sharing!

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