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Simplify My Life Challenge – Organise Family Routine

If you have kids, whether they are babies, toddlers, school-aged or even teenagers, they need a whole lot of organising. In fact, sometimes it’s tempting to have a calendar designated just for keeping up with the kids and all their activities and appointments.

This month we look at ways to organise family, including the morning routine, for the Simplify My Life challenge, to help avoid any of those embarrassing moments where you forget something important.


With a newborn baby in the house, things get very busy with doctors appointments, weigh ins, and plenty of visitors. From there it may be childcare, playgroups and other various activities to entertain a toddler. Come school age and beyond, many kids enjoy starting hobbies outside of school time, which can take you from here to there on any given day of the week.

That’s a lot to remember. And let’s not even get started on mum’s taxi when the teenage years hit!

Back in January we kicked off the organise challenges with year planning. This same method can work well with helping to organise family. This is a great way of keeping track of the regular activities and commitments that pop up, using the planner printable.

However some things pop up less frequently or on a one off basis, so it can be hard to plan too far ahead.

Some examples of things you need to plan for are:

  • Appointments (medical, education, etc)
  • School activities
  • Hobbies/extracurricular/sport
  • Camp and holidays
  • Special events and celebrations
  • Playgroup/childcare
  • Social activities

Like the year planning ideas, you may use a calendar and jot down what is coming up. A monthly whiteboard planner can also be a great option, or for those of you who prefer technology to remind you, a phone or computer alert can be helpful (being mindful that technology can fail).

The morning routine can also be a challenging one if the routine part is lacking. Putting in place some steps to organise family routine in the morning before school and work can make a huge difference in getting your day started.

An organised morning routine works best with forward planning. Utilise the night before or even the weekend to minimise the amount you need to do in the morning, especially if you have work or school to get to in time.

Some options to organise family morning routines:

  • Make lunches for school and work the night before for a simplified morning routine
  • Utilise a cleaning schedule to ensure clothing and uniforms are clean & ready
  • Lay out clothing the night before – iron if needed
  • Designate tasks to other family members such as feeding pets, packing bags, making breakfast
  • Stick to a routine for everyone in the household
  • Pack non-food items into bag the night before
  • If someone in the family is slow to get moving in the morning, get them up a little earlier
  • Have a reliable alarm to wake you up
  • Freezer cooking and meal planning is a great way to organise family breakfasts and lunches

By making sure to organise family routines and activities you can start your mornings stress free, which is exactly what you want.

Pop over to the challenge page to find lots more useful printables and tasks to get your life simplifed and organised now.

Do you have an organised morning routine for your family?

Christine @ Adventure, Baby!

Saturday 12th of September 2015

I'm the organiser in our house - I can't stand chaos! I use Google calendar synced across everything, and I make food on weekends for my daughter's school lunches so I just pack it the night before into her lunch box, as well as preparing her school bag for her. She's only 4 - I kind of can't wait until she can organise herself so there is one less person I need to manage!


Wednesday 16th of September 2015

Wow I am impressed. You are an organised machine lol I haven't had to worry about school lunches yet but will need a system for when it happens since our freezer cooking method for hubby's work dinners won't suffice. But bulk baking of things like mini quiche and stuff could be good.