Earn at Home Series: Online selling

Earn At Home Series: Online Selling

Welcome to day 4 of the Earn at Home Series, where we look at online selling as a potential way to earn an income from home.

Earn at Home Series: Online selling

What is Online Selling?

This one is pretty straight forward but essentially refers to selling any products you can provide others. These may be products you have created yourself, such as handmade gifts or functional items, or they may be wholesale products you are selling for profit.

It can also include selling your unwanted belongings for profit on sites such as eBay or online garage sale sites. Many individuals have managed to turn such things into a significant income if they have enough to sell, or they may source unwanted items from other places such as garage sales or markets.

How Do I Start Online Selling?

The first step is deciding what it is you want to start selling. Once you determine what, it is a matter of sourcing any products you may need to commence, such as supplies or actual products to sell. If you are planning to sell handmade items, you may wish to set yourself a minimum amount to have made before you start selling, to ensure you can keep up with initial supply need.

Next step is deciding on a selling platform. For handmade, somewhere like Etsy can be perfect or your own website, for second hand goods eBay or online garage sales and sale groups such as those on Facebook are popular. Or if you are looking to sell other people’s products, you may consider setting yourself up a website with a shopping cart and checkout facility.

From there, market your store or sale platform and start selling.

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