Introducing Our Newest Addition

Early in June something wonderful happened for us – we welcomed our second baby into the family, a daughter named Violet. We were expecting another early bub and anticipating late May but a new baby will come when they want to, so instead she arrived spot on her due date.

new baby

We are now the lucky parents of two beautiful girls and are currently enjoying and adjusting to life with a newborn again. Other than her dislike of sleeping in her cot at night, and a slight tongue-tie causing some challenges with breastfeeding, it has been a relatively easy adjustment.

Violet’s arrival was a little different to how we anticipated also. Once you have a child, you have a bit of an expectation things such as pregnancy and birth will be similar. But how wrong that can be. My pregnancy started harder, with worse morning sickness related symptoms, but ended easier with less of the aches and pains my final month with our first daughter brought on. Instead it was the emotional adjustment that was most challenging – worrying about my first daughter and the impact a new baby would have on her.


Birth was also very different. My first one was long and I think my biggest fear was another really long birth simply because it was so exhausting and drawn out. This time was not what I would call short overall, however different would be an understatement.

We had lots of false alarms with steady braxton hicks for a day here and there in the weeks leading up. Lots of ‘This is it’ moments only for it to suddenly stop and leave us hanging. With our first it started and it was the real thing.

On the day of Violet’s actual birth, I woke up at 4:30am with the start of labour. She arrived at almost 9pm so still not short but a hell of a lot shorter than the 24 hours of the first time around. But so not what we expected. We headed to hospital at 2pm that day with close and intense contractions. They strapped me up to the heartbeat and contraction monitor instead for 1.5 hours with some concerns my contractions were being felt by the baby as her heart rate dropped slightly each time. Not concerning enough for us to stay, so they sent us home to get things moving again.


2 hours later we were back at the hospital and I was in complete and utter agony with the most horrendously intense contractions. Some were lasting 3-4 minutes which is pretty bizarre.

They hooked me up again to the monitor and then to allow me to be more mobile during birth, actually broke my waters and added a heart rate tracker to bub’s head while she was still inside. Hubby said it was like wifi for babies.


My contractions were unbearable. I had a natural labour first time around with no pain killers. I expected to do the same this time but things were different. The pain was so much worse. I wasn’t coping so I requested morphine while sucking down on the gas. Neither made any difference to the pain at all. Just made me dizzy and tired so I had to sit down instead.

The midwife asked me if it was time for the Epidural. Something I never expected to agree to, but I said yes. I am petrified of the epidural and it was never part of my birth plans unless I had to have an emergency c-section or similar. But I wasn’t coping with the pain at all. So they started getting organised for its administration.

The midwife needed to do a progress check before the epidural and said the baby was low but still only 6-7cm dilated which to me sounded like total hell. How much longer?

She told me to roll onto my side to get the pressure off my back. I rolled then suddenly I also needed to push. Within the 2 minutes of the exam and me rolling over, somehow I had fully dilated and our new baby was well on her way.

Violet was in my arms less than 10 minutes later.


So no Epidural and slowish labour suddenly turned speedy birth. Such a relief in the end that it was over so quickly because whoa was it worse than my first. I have a pretty good pain threshold, but that pain made me completely change the ‘birth plan’ I had in mind.

It sounds like it was partly due to having the earlier examination when we first came to hospital when the midwife did a bit of a sweep and stretch to help things along, plus having my waters manually broken to fit the heart rate tracker. It all came on a lot like it might with being induced. All I can say now is if I ever had to be induced, epidural might be a must!

While I could not be happier with my beautiful girl and birth is a fading (but traumatising) memory, it certainly goes to show how flexible and open you need to be when it comes to having a birth plan. Thankfully mine were always made with no really firm plan in place. The other big adjustment is having a winter baby this time instead of summer.  Summer pregnancy can be hard going!


Our beautiful new baby was around 200 grams heavier than her big sister and a similar size overall with length, at a tiny 3.07kg and 47cm long. It’s so easy to forget how tiny a new baby is until you hold one in your arms again. Violet is completely swimming in the 0000 size baby clothes she is wearing.

The other surprise is the head full of dark hair after having an almost bald first baby. It’s so soft and fluffy. I love it and can’t wait to see how her hair turns out when she is older. My big sister was born with a head full of black hair and went blonde.


Feeling so blessed with our beautiful new addition and so lucky to have two healthy little girls to call my own. Life is good!

Did you have a big difference between first and subsequent births?

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  1. I haven’t had a subsequent birth yet but I hope its different because the first was an emergency c-section.

    I went from completely closed cervix to fully dilated and half pushed her down the birth canal {without actively pushing} when they got her out in the c-section less than 3hrs later. I’m scared of how quick a second birth would be!

    Violet is so cute and Lilly looks so besotted.

    1. Fingers crossed you can avoid the emergency situation for the next one & that there is baby news in the near future :) For me I was so keen to avoid the 24 hour labour but in the end, would prefer exhaustion over the pain of this one lol you may need to get to hospital nice and early next time though!

  2. Oh this made me so clucky and teary! Beautiful pics, and what a turnaround, 2cm in 10 mins!! I still remember the moment I introduced Little Miss to her new baby brother – it was one of the best moments of my life :) xxx

    1. It’s so bizarre how long it felt between getting pain relief (that didn’t relieve pain) and suddenly having a baby in my arms. It was only about 40 minutes but the contractions made it feel like an eternity haha It was pretty exciting to have big sister visit. She still keeps a bit of distance. Likes to touch her sister but only kissed her for the first time 2 days ago lol

  3. ive had 3 inductions, and one labour without intervention. I’d take the inductions any day over being told to lay on my back and breath through contractions for two hours instead of pushing. But I’m not going there again!

    I love watching hair change on babies, Sophie’s hair is changing again as it loses its baby-ness. And winter babies mean socks!

    1. On your back with contractions is horrendous, so I discovered this time. I delivered both on my side because of exhaustion last time after being upright til near the end & the sudden arrival this time.

      Violet’s hair is already lightening. I’m a bit sad. I love how different & unexpected it was :)

  4. Oh, Violet is a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! What a full on birth experience. I’m feeling quite shakey considering it. I’ve been feeling clucky lately, and it’s the memory of births that once agin makes me content in the decision that we’ve finished! Until I see those pictures of your little newborn. Oh there you go, I’m clucky again. Bawk, bawk.

    1. Thanks Caitlin & birth is one of the big reasons I think I’m done, yet it makes me sad this might be my last newborn. After my first I was sure I wanted 3… Then I got so sick early pregnancy I changed it back to 2 ;)

  5. Wow! What an amazing birth story.
    My first (and only at this stage) birth was long and hard, 46hrs, with 2hrs of pushing and boy was he a big baby at 5kg! I hope my second labour and delivery is different.
    Definitely recommend getting her tie sorted and seeing a lactation consultant, my son had a lip tie and it made an absolute world of difference getting it released!

    1. OMG Rachel. 5kg… For your sake I hope your labour is much shorter & your next is much lighter lol they recently had the record at the hospital I gave birth at with a 6kg baby. Twice my babies sizes.

      We are seeing a lactation consultant Tuesday but will likely book in the procedure in the next week. I think she has a slight lip tie too but will see what they say. Poor little darlings :(

  6. Congratulations Holly! Hope things are going well for you now and you are enjoying every minute of your bundle of joy!

    My daughter was 8lb, it was a 14 hour labour with ALL the drugs!! (i was 22)….nine years later in 2014 I gave birth to a 10lb 14oz son after about 8 hours (3 hours from established labour) – NO DRUGS :) (you can read my birth story on my blog if you like :))…two completely different births…my second birth was actually better than my first – I was more in control. It was such a positive experience (and yes I would do it again) lol

    Congrats again!

  7. OMG Holly – A HUGE congrats hun, she is just precious!!! I had 3 very different births and the funny thing is each of the births kind of match my kids personalities lol. Congrats again lovely – I wish her a lifetime of healthy and happiness xx

    1. Thanks so much lovely and how funny is that. If my birth is anything to go by, Violet will be quick to do things maybe. We already have a feeling that may be the case. She has crazy good neck control already and is growing fast. Just because she may be my last, I bet she grows up too quick. Just going to cherish every second! x

    1. Thank you x You may need to keep close to the hospital towards the end if you decide to have another lol as much as I dreaded birth, I’m relieved it wasn’t too quick from start to finish. The thought of not making the hospital is a bit scary!

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