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How I made an extra $324 in March

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Making extra cash is something most of us are pretty keen on, since no matter how much you have, it always feels like you could do with a little more. Perhaps the bills are piling up, you’re in desperate need of a holiday, or simply want to splurge a little. The good news is, making extra cash is totally possible.

If you have been following along with the Simplify My Life challenge, you may have been busy decluttering a few areas of your house, just like I have. Or you may simply have some extra stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while, collecting dust in your house and taking up space. Ick!

Instead you could be selling that stuff and make extra cash FAST!

My own declutter has resulted in some serious excess of stuff. My once neat front room now looks like a second hand store and it’s horrible so I’ve been busy selling bits and pieces to make some space and some fast money.

In total in March I made $324.60 by selling unwanted stuff. Not bad. I mostly focused on eBay for small items I could post in envelopes (DVDs, books etc) and gumtree for furniture. I sold a free standing mirror, bookshelf and double bed we no longer needed from the spare room. Plus a few smaller bits and pieces.

Here are some of the things that worked well and what didn’t work so well for selling in March:

  • Good photos – makes the world of difference when they are detailed and clear
  • Add dimensions and as much detail as you can so buyers know what they are getting
  • Make yourself easily contactable
  • Try different methods – reaching different groups of buyers increases your chances of a sale
  • If your main goal is getting rid of stuff, make sure your prices are good – review your prices if not selling
  • Free postage and $0.99 listing starts on eBay increase bid chances but if the item will likely sell for little, make sure your postage is covered so you don’t end up losing money
  • I didn’t list/repost often enough and that would have boosted my sales – this came down to motivation and procrastination.

I will do another update after April with my sell total and any new tips I learn along the way to make extra cash fast, however be sure to check out my post on selling unwanted stuff like a boss to get you started. The worst part is I have giant boxes of clothes and accessories to sell and that stuff is very time consuming… so lets hope I find the motivation since I only have less than 9 weeks until the new baby is due.

What are your quick sell tips for unwanted stuff?

8 thoughts on “How I made an extra $324 in March”

    1. It certainly can. Depending on the item, not always worth while. Particularly low priced items. But it’s easy.

  1. Angela McKinney

    I have been doing this as well. I think it is really fun to meet people and get rid of things we will not use again. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  2. It’s so easy for the spare room to become a bit of a dumping grounds for excess stuff. Nothing like an urgent need to get you motivated :)

  3. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    I sold a bunch of kids’ clothes on a Facebook Buy Swap Sell page and made around $300 in 48 hours. Happy with that! Such a good feeling.

    1. That’s awesome! Kids clothes are the best sellers. Well done. My Bub has started to grow out of her newborn sizes but I’m not ready to accept I’m done having babies so I will hold on a bit longer lol

      1. I’ve sold heaps of stuff, mostly baby-related, via our local Facebook Buy Swap Sell group. People come over to pick stuff up, so I don’t have to post things. I work from home so it’s convenient. Too easy! I made close to $1000 selling all of our baby furniture and the good baby clothes. Amazing! It’s all gone into a savings account for our son. I’ll do some more decluttering soon and start listing again. I also found Gumtree great for bigger items like furniture.

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