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How I Made an Extra $438 in April & May

We all want to know ways to make extra cash fast and often it is as simple as clearing out some of the unwanted stuff we have cluttering out homes. Through the Simplify My Life challenge, we have been making some serious progress on decluttering different spaces of the home and as a result, I have ended up with so much stuff I need to get rid of.

Not everything you declutter is sell-worthy of course. Some is best for charity and other stuff just needs to go in the bin. But you will likely have a nice little gold mine with some of the stuff you might want to sell. Fingers crossed!

Because you could be selling that stuff and make extra cash FAST!

If you saw my April post, you will have seen that in March I made $324.60 selling my excess clutter – dvds, books, furniture mostly. April was not such a great month for selling for family reasons, so I have combined my total for the past 2 months into this one post.

In total in April & May I made $438 by selling unwanted stuff.

Only about $68 of that was from April, and the rest from May.

The biggest seller during this time was a garage sale at the start of May. It wasn’t as successful as I had hoped as it was straight after some crazy rain here in Queensland so I think the weather may have played a slight role in keeping the numbers of buyers low. However most of the people who came did buy something, making me $160 on the day. My main goal was to get rid of stuff though rather than make big bucks.

What surprised me was the fact that clothing was the biggest seller. My husbands clothing mostly. His jackets & his random t-shirts off the 50c pile. But I did manage to sell a massive mirror that was taking up too much space so that was the biggest win of the day.

Clothing was actually the biggest profit maker throughout April & May. After the garage sale I bundled all the clothes up that were in our 50 cent pile into bags of like clothes – hubby’s clothes, my general clothes, my corporate style clothes, gym clothes, dresses. The 3 big bags all sold relatively quickly for $30-40 each. These went via Facebook sale groups.

Surprisingly I also sold a few books in bulk too (yay) but what I thought would go, didn’t. That was my old children’s clothing store stock. Lots of brand new beautiful dresses, handmade headbands & kids clothing and accessories. I only sold a couple of items. Not the right market for them I suppose and due to low motivation this close to the arrival of our second baby, I have just packed them up into storage for the time being, to tackle in a different selling forum later.

The other big win was selling 3 boxes of coat hangers. After doing my wardrobe make over with Howards Storage World earlier this year, we upgraded all our hangers to their good quality ones so we had hundreds of mix-matched ones. While they didn’t earn me big cash, it sure was a relief to see those 3 boxes go out the door.

Here are some of the things that worked well and what didn’t work so well for selling in April & May:

  • Having a garage sale moved a fair bit in one day but may have been better holding it both Saturday & Sunday
  • Facebook groups are great for getting rid of low priced items and bulk buys
  • Re-list your stuff in different places so you can increase your chances of selling – even 2 different Facebook groups have very different audiences
  • Good photos help a lot & detailed descriptions
  • Try bundling items up – you may not get as much money, but you will move items fast
  • Garage sale was not a good place to sell my handmade & old store stock – online may be better.

So while the amount I made isn’t enough to retire on, it’s certainly money better in our pocket than in the excess clutter we don’t need sitting around the house. Less stuff to clean and find a home for and money to spend on something we want or need…. like a potential European holiday next year. Although we need a lot more than that to get to Europe!

I will do another update after May with my sell total and any new tips I learn along the way to make extra cash fast, however, be sure to check out my post on selling unwanted stuff like a boss to get you started.

Did you make any money through selling unwanted stuff lately?


Friday 26th of June 2015

This is a great post Holly. I have sold things before but I often forget I can continuously do it!! Sometimes I also try and sell things for more then they are worth but I have to remember that I would be giving them away for free if I am not using things so something is also better than nothing. Can't be too greedy can I haha. I also haven't used the facebook groups for selling but have heard really great things about them!


Saturday 27th of June 2015

Kate, I am a little the same sometimes, trying to get a few extra bucks. But lately I've been a lot better at lowering my prices just so I can get rid of stuff instead. I need to get back into it now that life with a newborn is settling down :)

Stella [email protected] Purfylle

Wednesday 24th of June 2015

I've been tossing up if I should try to sell stuff or just get rid of it and I think at this stage I need to just get rid of it. Just reading about holding a garage sale and writing descriptions for on-line sales has me thinking even if could get a few $$ and even though I could use the money for buying some basics that I really need, I just don't think it's worth it to me at this stage.


Friday 26th of June 2015

It's very time consuming. I have a fair bit of time working from home, otherwise I would maybe feel the same. Donate it maybe :)