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Living Room Declutter Update

The June declutter area for the Simplify My Life challenge just happened to be the living room declutter, which is one of the most utilised spaces in most homes. Easy to build up clutter and become untidy quickly, but an important space for most families.

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My own living room was becoming a play room, with the main toy box in the room. For any of you who currently have a toddler or have survived the toddler years, you probably know exactly how my lounge room floor looked most days. Despite my best efforts to tidy the toys, it took mere minutes for it to be decorated once again with blocks, dolls, cars and everything else in between.

So the toy box got a new home. In the nursery. There is room in there now since the cot just relocated to our bedroom in preparation for the next arrival.

There are still a couple of toys in the corner, but the bulk of the mess culprits are gone. I did however do a bit of re-arranging to accommodate my rocking chair into the corner of our lounge room. This was an item I ‘had to have’ for our first baby and I can probably count how many times I used to. So by putting it somewhere I want to be, it’s sure to get its use this time.

Simplify My Life challenge - living room declutter

Otherwise the main declutter in our lounge room was getting rid of random rubbish that had accumulated like packaging and magazines, coffee table clutter and toddler odds and ends. It’s a pretty big room although more long than anything and we have a lot of electronic gadgets.

Living Room Declutter

As you will see from the photos, there is also a giant cat scratching post that makes its home in our lounge room. I considered getting rid of this completely, but our cats do enjoy sitting on it when the windows are open so for now, it stays.

Living Room declutter

My lounge room declutter almost did not happen being so close to my pregnancy due date, but on the cusp of 39 weeks I found my nesting instinct and made it happen. So grateful for that last minute nesting burst!

Make sure you head back to the June Declutter post to grab your free living room declutter tips and checklist.

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Were you a nester when you were pregnant? How is your living room looking?

14 thoughts on “Living Room Declutter Update”

  1. The nesting instinct is fantastic! I remember getting heaps done during that time frame also!

    Slightly off topic – it was so interesting to see our pregnant rabbit’s nesting instinct in the days before she gave birth. She suddenly started dragging grass and hay back to her hutch to literally make a warm nest for her babies!

    1. That’s so cute! I have heard animals get the nesting instinct too… Probably more so since they need to create safe places for their babies, which can be a little harder than for people. Adorable!

  2. My lounge room is the play room because its the only room downstairs where we spend most of the day. We got rid of our dining room table and replaced it with her toy corner with a mat, toy box and her princess tent to try and keep all her stuff in a corner. Of course that doesn’t work during the day when she’s about playing with it all. We’re kind of stuck with it though because all the bedrooms are upstairs and I dont want her up there by herself when Im in the kitchen or doing laundry etc.

    1. I can totally understand that. Single story houses are kid friendly. Lily just got another tent as a gift for being a big sister so that’s currently in our lounge room area :-/ so… Where do you eat dinner without a dining table? Lol

  3. Our living room is constantly under attack from me in my minimalist frenzy. It’s opposite our kitchen so I have to look at it a lot. There is one antique cupboard full of books and puzzles, but otherwise no toys stay in this area at all. Toys take over don’t they?

  4. LOL we have a cat climber pride of place in our family/dining areas too – it’s massive (taller than me) and shaped like a rowboat with shelves. A real decorator statement that I’m sure. Oh and you’re right, I had an armchair in our nursery and NEVER used the freaking thing because, um hello, who wants to sit and stare at the wall while feeding? Truth is I wore a groove in the lounge armchair instead. All the best with our impending arrival!

    Visiting from #team IBOT x

  5. I am also on a decluttering rampage at the moment. Well done for getting that done at 39 weeks! You will relish the achievement. My next job is my clothes – I have been struggling to find time for it.

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