kids bedroom declutter

Kids Bedroom Declutter Update

Have you managed to declutter your kid’s bedrooms yet? Or are you rocking in the corner just at the thought of it? Either way, my free declutter checklist will hopefully prove helpful in getting those potential hazard zones into tip top shape.

My own kids bedroom declutter came with a different sort of challenge. Our second child is due in around a month and a half and while we are naughty and let our almost 2.5 year old co-sleep (despite having the most beautiful cot for her), the kids still need their own space. This meant converting our spare bedroom, which was more so a junk room than anything else, into another bedroom.


before bedroom declutter
Some of the before clutter
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Oh boy was that a big job in Queensland heat with that much junk to sort through. The humidity near killed me being pregnant and all… and feeling like summer was never going to end. Plus being my 3rd trimester also meant I’m lacking a lot of motivation to get rid of the clutter too, and therefore my usually clear front room now looks like a thrift shop or worse. Hello nesting… where are you?

before bedroom declutter
Before – a bed buried beneath guitars


And then there was the toy box situation. That was a lot of toys over flowing! They needed to be downsized in a BIG way!

Kids bedroom declutter

But we got there. I had this brilliant idea of getting my toddler a bed with a trundle, which are really darn expensive, but I ended up finding a brand new flat pack bunk bed with a trundle on eBay from a local store seller. With shipping plus 2 mattresses, it still came in at less than $700. Far cheaper than an in store option.

flat pack furniture
Flat pack nightmare

And they took at least half a day of 3 men (hubby, dad and big bro) building them to get them together. But they look pretty fab now, don’t you think?

peppa pig bedroom

I worked out the entire bedroom furniture set, including bunk, mattresses, dresser and bedside table, plus home delivery cost $888 AU. Not bad. And now we have storage space for all the soft toys on the top bunk. But it is also possible to separate the 2 beds so when our next bub is a big kid too, we can put the top bunk in her room as a single bed instead. Thinking ahead!

kids bedroom declutter
We have a little Peppa Pig fan in our house, as you can see


So while this room still needs a bit of personalising still, it certainly does make for a pretty cute big girl room.Now… any tips for getting the toddler out of our bed and into her own? HA.

kids bedroom makeover

Kids bedrooms are super fun to makeover and you can pretty much run with any theme you want to create a fun space they will love! While we are a girl household, I love seeing different bedroom makeovers, such as this super cool dinosaur bedroom makeover that would be great for boys… or girls!

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Update August 2018:

Fast forward 3 and a bit years and we now have two messy little people who often leave their bedrooms in a state of complete and utter chaos. I have found every 6 months I do a major declutter of their bedrooms because they accumulate so much extra stuff. Especially little useless toys they collect or things that break over time that can be thrown out.

So this has become a regular event in our household to go through and declutter kids bedrooms often and the results are great… for a little while, until they make the mess and hoarding happen all over again!

Here are the results of our most recent bedroom declutter for both the girls’ bedrooms (excuse the overexposed sunshine lit photos. Worst time of day to snap pics of rooms on that side of the house):

kids bedroom declutter

kids bedroom declutter

kids bedroom declutter

kids bedroom make over

This floor is where that overflowing toybox always lived. I love how much tider it is and of course, that tent does a great job as a hidden toy storage! We keep the kids dress up clothes and blocks in there. Out of sight, out of mind!

kids bedroom declutter

Now can you guess how many minutes it took before they messed up this perfectly clean floor? Life with kids, it’s always an adventure!!!

What part of your kids bedroom declutter do you find the worst?

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