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Simplify My Life Challenge – Evaluate

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We are now at part 3 of the January SIMPLIFY MY LIFE challenge. By now we have covered decluttering that kitchen and organising those events for the year. Now is time to get back to basics and start to SIMPLIFY our lives.


This task is all about EVALUATING our time.

Have you ever started a day with great intentions, a to do list as long as your arm and plenty of time up your sleeve, only to end your day wondering what happened and why you managed to tick a lousy 3 things off your list? I know I have done it many a time. So where is it our time goes? What are we doing to make those minutes and hours fly by?

Sometimes it’s distractions from others that have us falling behind. Maybe the kids are demanding our attention all day long without break, or perhaps we have a friend who likes to call and have a chat 4 times a week for an hour at a time. Or there is the dreaded productivity stoppers that have us wasting our own time.

Scrolling facebook 12 times an hour, or watching endless youTube videos of crazy cats destroying things. Yep, we’re all guilty of a few time wasters during our day.

But your time is valuable and so much of it may be being wasted on things that give us no real satisfaction or reward.

Simplify My Life

Take some time over the next few days to map out where your time really does go. How much of it is spent working, cleaning, in transit, dropping kids off, cooking meals, shopping, watching TV, surfing the net and everything else in between. Where is the bulk of your time going? And are you happy to be spending it doing these things?

Once you know where your time is being spent, it helps us become more aware of what we should or could be doing instead.

  • Make a list of all the key tasks your average days consist of.
  • Consider using a daily planner for a few days to help you map it all out, hour by hour.
  • Take note of the small time wasters that steal more time than you realised
  • Identify the things you have been meaning to do but had no time for

Once you have evaluated your time, you can begin to use it more productively and cut back on the things that are no longer necessary.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the first simplify challenge. We will be building on this in coming months. Don’t forget to pop back next in February for the second month of the Simplify My Life challenge, where we tackle the bathrooms, consolidating our time and getting a cleaning schedule up and running for the year ahead.

I would love to know what your biggest time wasters are. Is it Pinterest like mine? Or something else? Or are you one of those super focused people who gets everything done with time to spare? 

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