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9 Ways to Increase Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest, much more than just the perfect tool to plan your wedding/baby shower/dream home/dinner party menu. Pinterest is also an amazing tool for traffic referral from your website or blog, which can build your audience and create a whole new following.

However, knowing how to increase Pinterest traffic in a way that will benefit your blog or business is the part many people struggle with. I have lost count now how many times I have heard someone say they just ‘don’t get Pinterest’. Meanwhile, it happens to bring it at least 50% or more of my traffic for 2 of blogs. Without Pinterest, my traffic would not be anywhere near where it currently stands.

Pinterest allows you to reach a massive worldwide audience that you otherwise may not have reached. Far more than just the digital hoarding it is famous for, readers have the ability to find your content and keep it for later. This is great because it means they may possibly revisit your website through this link, plus it also helps others to find your content too.

So how do you tap into Pinterest for your business or blog, or more specifically, how do you increase Pinterest traffic? Check out my 7 simple tips for optimising your Pinterest account.

9 ways to increase pinterest traffic to your blog


1 – Set Up General Interest Boards

Once you have your Pinterest account up and running, you will want to have a variety of boards and content. If you already have a Pinterest account, you may already have quite a few, but if you are just starting out, the best initial step is to set up some general interest boards related to your blog or business theme.

If you have a cooking blog, some recipe boards would be ideal. Craft blogs would benefit from DIY Ideas, Sewing Tips or similar. For me, I also have a travel blog and have created destination boards for several popular destinations that I have been to or hope to travel to. I also have a travel packing board, a general travel tips board, as well as other related themes.

By having a variety of boards, your Pinterest account appears interesting and encourages people to follow you.


2 – Pin Regular, Quality Content

Having regular content pinning to your boards is essential if you want to be appear in people’s Pinterest streams. This is a key step in ensuring you increase Pinterest traffic. Pin to a variety of your boards at different times per day so you have a chance of catching different users who won’t all be one the same time of day.

You may even consider using a Pinterest scheduling tool to optimise the times you are pinning. These come at a cost but they are very effective in having your pins appear across a huge audience no matter the time zones. You can find a review of some of the most popular Pinterest scheduling tools here. Personally, I use BoardBooster as it is low cost and has done a great job in helping me increase my following by several hundred a week. Plus it is very easy to use. However there are several excellent tools worth trying. Most offer a free trial first.


3 – Create a Board For Blog/Website

If you have a blog or business website and you want to be bringing in traffic to this location, make sure you have a board specifically for your own content. Give it a name that makes it clear what it is. For example, my blog board for this blog is called Simplify Create Inspire and it is where I pin all my blog content in the first instance.


4 – Name Your Boards Clearly

Simplify the names of your Pinterest boards. You want them to come up in search results so if someone searches “Girls party ideas” they are unlikely to stumble onto your board named “Tiffany’s Girly B’day Celebrations” so keep it obvious.

Creative marketing with pinterest

5 – Move Your Most Important Boards To The Top

Bring your most important boards to the top. Yep, you can rearrange them. So do it. Put your website board right at the top, followed by a couple of boards you want to highlight. Then organise the rest in a way that seems logical. Personally I have mine in alphabetical order then the group boards I have joined are after that.

While you’re at it, you may want to organise your Pinterest boards and clean out the crap. It’s amazing how many dud links we collect over time.


6 – Make Them Pretty

If you want people to click through your Pinterest boards, you want them appealing. You may be surprised to find out how important it is to have an organised and visually appealing Pinterest profile. Change the cover image for your board to a visually appealing image that makes people want to click. Or create your own cover images. Pinterest is very visual so you want to appeal to tastes by having images consistent with your brand.


7 – Pinterest Optimised Images for Your Content

While we are onto visuals, having Pinterest optimised blog images will also be a huge way to increase Pinterest traffic. This means having tall images that take up more space in the Pinterest feed. Not wide. So go with portrait style images.

You will also benefit from adding titles to your pin images too so people see clearly what they are about. This will drastically increase your clicks throughs and repins. One of the easiest ways to create pin images is in Canva, which is a free program that has Pinterest templates ready to use. You can also use PicMonkey or Photoshop as well.


8 – Join Group Boards

Now you want to increase your reach by finding a new audience that does not already follow you, so this is where group boards are a huge game changer. Group boards are a collaboration of people who can all pin content to the same board. There are hundreds of thousands of group boards on Pinterest. Anyone can start one. I have several.

By joining a group board, you have the chance of pinning your relevant content to a new audience which increases the chance of repins and potential Pinterest traffic. But finding the right boards can be the challenge.

To be added to a group board, some large boards have instructions at the top advising how you can join i.e. comment on one of my pins, email me at… etc, but to be invited to be a group board collaborator you will need to be following that board. Not all will accept you but if you reach out to join several boards in your niche, you have a good chance of being accepted by a few.

Remember to read the rules for the board and ensure you are not spamming or doing anything against the rules. Most have a daily pin limited of 3-5.


9 – Enable Rich Pins

Now we end with a technical one. You’re no doubt thinking what on earth is rich pins. It is essentially a process put in place by Pinterest to verify your website with your account. Firstly, make sure your Pinterest account is a business account. It costs nothing but it gives you access to rich pins plus insights and statistics, so it’s a good thing!

There are 6 types of rich pins, and they essentially help your pins to become more helpful by providing more information about them, such as website source and other detail not normally visible. This makes your pins look more professional and official too, and increases the chances someone will click through.

I’m not going to go into great detail here about rich pins, but you can find out more and how to set them up on the Pinterest for Business website.

Once you take these 9 steps, some of which are ongoing, such as the pinning of quality content, you will soon see an increase in Pinterest traffic hopefully. Creative marketing with Pinterest is free, and targets a global audience. You want that! It has made a massive difference to my personal Pinterest referral traffic on both my accounts.

I would love to hear your own tips for how you increase Pinterest traffic. Share in the comments.

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