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Simplify My Life Challenge – Home Office Declutter

The home office is a place of convenience, where so much important stuff often goes one, but it also can become a place of chaos fairly quickly. This month’s Simplify My Life task is the home office declutter. If you do not have a home office, you can instead tackle your computer desk or any other space in your home that may relate to where you do your important stuff like budgeting, mail sorting and all that fun stuff.


My home office is somewhat horrendous. It is also a craft room so the dual purpose has it looking like a bomb site pretty much all the time. Back in my days of scrapbooking often, I was a bit of a supplies hoarder so now that I do more digital scrapbooking than anything else, it’s time to downsize big time. But my other office supplies need some major overhauling as well.

Decluttering Your Life

For many of us, paperwork tends to be one of the worst parts of the home office. For that very reason, there is no need to tackle that part of your home office declutter just yet. Put any loose paperwork aside because next Tuesday we will sort through the paper mess as part of our next Organise task.

Now think about it… the home office is a place to be productive so if yours is a mess, you are probably no where near as productive as you want to be. That’s what makes this space such an important one to have clear and functional!

Grab your free home office declutter checklist below by clicking the link:

Home Office Declutter Checklist

Some extra home office declutter tips:

  • Make sure you have a place for everything and put everything in its place.
  • Set up hanging files or in trays to control paper clutter.
  • A clear desk and lots of space helps productivity
  • Minimise the amount of decorative and unnecessary items in your home office.
  • Keep your cords organised and untangled & keep cables in a certain place so you don’t end up with random spares and no idea what they do down the track.
  • Don’t hoard excess electronics that either don’t work or aren’t needed.

Pop over to the challenge page for links to other declutter, organise and simplify tasks as part of the Simplify My Life Challenge. It’s not too late to join in. We’ll be going all year long!

Do you use your home office for more than one purpose? Craft room, kids homework, spare room?

14 thoughts on “Simplify My Life Challenge – Home Office Declutter”

  1. My home office is also the kitchen bench, toy storage area and general junk resting place! I’ve actually got a designated office space in another corner of the house but it rarely gets used as I can’t see the kids from there. I love your decluttering advice – can you come over to my house please???

    1. My office is the one room in my house that I’m not proud of lol since Turing the spare room into a kids room, my office is now also a musical instrument storage room. Big job ahead and one I’ve put off. I’m normally ahead on the tasks ☺️ but I’m a bit the same with not being able to see the kids from there. Never a good option!

  2. Bec @ Styled by Bec

    Holly, our office is always a mess. I turned our un used lounge into a large office space so that I could make a bedroom for Magdalene. It’s in the entrance of our house so people walk past it when it’s in a state of disarray! I just clicked on the checklist and it lists things to do in the Kitchen for January. Is that the right list or should it be for a home office? xx

    1. Eeek… Thanks for letting me know. Must have attached the wrong file. I will fix it up right now.

      I know the feeling. Our extra storage space became a bedroom & suddenly the mess gets shoved elsewhere. Big part of why I created this challenge.

  3. Oh yes, great points and thanks for the reminder. I need to declutter my desk (no office) this week. I seem to do it every couple of weeks and crap just piles back on there. I probably need to think about where to house some of the things which keep returning!

    1. My desk in my office is like this. It’s one of my clutter hot spots. Such a bad habit but fingers crossed we both cure our ways soon ;)

  4. Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

    My home office,is also my library, and our business office. It’s on the list for a major overhaul this weekend! x

    1. Good luck. Hope you manage to get it in tip top shape. It’s amazing how much can accumulate in that one room. Mines also a craft room which is probably the main problem ?

  5. Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

    I’m not ashamed to say, we still haven’t finished our overhaul. I’ll let you know when we are. Thanks for linking up with #HIT xx

    1. Me either Nicole. This is the one room in my house I continue to procrastinate on. But it’s in progress. A few loads have made it to the bin already and through mums shredder ;)

  6. Bec @ The Plumbette

    ugh, I so need to do this. I have an open plan office space so it needs to look neat and I do try but, I have paper and boxes everywhere. You’ve motivated me, so I will print off the list and tackle this next week. x

    1. That would be so much tougher Bec. I’m glad I can shut my door and hide it away (as I so often need to). Good luck and let me know how you go x

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