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Simplify My Life Challenge – Home Maintenance Plan

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Owning a home is usually the cause of pride, however it can also mean a lot of extra upkeep and maintenance needed compared to renting. There are several types of home maintenance we should be doing each year to ensure our home and contents remain in their best possible condition. However you would not be alone if you admitted many of these things were not high on your list of priorities… until something goes wrong.


This month as part of our Simplify My Life organisation task we look at creating a home maintenance plan which will hopefully save not only time and money, but also a whole lot of stress in the long run, by helping us avoid those unexpected and unfortunate malfunctions and dramas.

When you hear the words home maintenance, the first things that come to mind are likely to do with actual physical maintenance on your home, however it actually goes beyond all that. Yes it is great to give the home a bit of a makeover after a period of time, with the regular need for gardening and landscaping or the less frequent painting or remodelling, but home maintenance also covers all those smaller, yet important areas of the home too.

Organise My Life

Each year or so, sometimes less, sometimes more often, depending on the area of focus, we should aim to have our internal and external home maintenance conducted. This is something that can be difficult to keep track of, unless the service providers are sending you frequent reminders as they sometimes do. So setting up a schedule for your own records can help you stay on top of it.

Here are some of the areas that should be considered as part of your home maintenance plan:


  • Air conditioner/heating system service
  • Pest inspection
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Appliance service/check
  • Smoke alarm battery replacement
  • Clean out gutters

More Frequent

  • Landscaping and lawn mowing
  • Car service (not strictly home related but still essential)

Now to help you keep track of your home maintenance plan each year, I have of course created a simple printable for you to list and record details of what is due and when, as well as details on cost, who and when. You can download your free home maintenance plan below:

Home Maintenance Plan

Now it’s time to get on top of all those tasks you have been putting off, or perhaps have not even thought about so you can potentially save yourself loads of money in the long run by keeping your home and garden well maintained and serviced.

Pop over to the challenge page to find lots more useful printables and tasks to get your life simplifed and organised now.

Are you on top of your household maintenance, or are you more of a when it’s broken, get it fixed type of person?

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