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11 Gorgeous Home Laundry Designs

Are you ready for some home laundry designs to inspire your dream home planning? The laundry is a room that is highly important and functional but often overlooked in terms of styling and design. For many of us, it’s a room we are in and out of several times a week… more often if there’s young (and messy) kids in the house!


Yet you can have a lot of fun with home laundry designs, so that you can enjoy those frequent washing machine visits just a little bit. From beautiful home decor to organised linen cupboards, these laundries have it all!

My own laundry isn’t the most stylish around. In fact, it can be pretty messy at times as it’s also the location of our cat’s food and kitty litter… ewwww! One of the downfalls of indoor cats, but we still love them!

However, my laundry inspiration board on Pinterest is by far my most popular and I have certainly planned out every inch of my future dream laundry! Here are some of my favourites:

1 – Bold Walls and With White Trimmings

I could not love this more! So modern and stylish. This is one of my favourites to kick off with our home laundry designs inspiration!


2 – Patterned Flooring

I love the mix of black and white and rustic brown accents, but the whole look is set off by the fabulous flooring!


3 – Grey and White

This is a subtle colour scheme that is clean and simple. Perfect for a laundry and those mini pails are too cute!


4 – Fur Baby Friendly

I love that this laundry includes space for the family pooch. How cool is that?! A built in doggy bed and bath!


5 – Airy and Bright

Nothing like natural sunshine spilling into a room to make it feel bright and cheerful!


6 – Compact

This laundry design is a pretty amazing use of a small space. Compact and functional. Perfect for an apartment laundry.


7 – Hallway Laundry 

Who needs a laundry room… this one makes perfect use of a hallway, complete with a bench to sit on while you wait. Okay… maybe not but it would come in handy for resting the clothes basket at least.


8 – Baskets and Blackboards

I love the blackboard walls. I don’t entirely know what I’d use them for but what a cool styling idea. And all those basket storage areas are great!


9 – Built In Hanging Rack

This is genius! A hanging rack in the laundry so you can iron and hang as you go, right there in one place.


10 – Blue and Nautical

How fun is this laundry! I love the blue washer & dryer set!

11 – Laundry Sorting Bags

These laundry sorting hanging bags are a fun addition to your home laundry design. I love that they hang on the wall.


If you are looking for even more stylish and functional home laundry designs for your own laundry room makeover, be sure to follow my board on Pinterest.

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What is something your dream laundry needs? Share in the comments.