Gift Wrapping Ideas With Brown Paper

 One day last week my husband requested (demanded perhaps… because apparently I have more time on my hands) that I gift wrap some presents for him. He had a couple of people finishing up at work and decided to volunteer to be the gift-buyer. He asked if we had wrapping paper and I said of course… plenty.

It wasn’t a lie. We do have plenty. Christmas, baby shower, kids birthday, wedding, princess, and all sorts of other specific themed wrapping paper and gift bags. I hadn’t really thought too carefully at the time. So here I was the night before he needed the gifts without any logical choice in gift wrap… then I remembered the roll of brown paper I had purchased a couple of years back, for a purpose I cannot recall.

Turns out it’s a pretty splendid sort of wrapping paper for those not so specific occasion gifts. And the best thing is you can personalise it to suit your recipient.


 These are not actually the work mates presents. Those ones I kept plain with some ribbon to jazz it up. Above are our Mother’s Day gifts.

One I wrapped in brown paper then prettied it up with pink cellophane and some gold ribbon. The other I skipped on the cellophane and got out some letter stamps, as you can see below:


Took all of 30 seconds to stamp a few MUM’s over the brown paper. I did it once the present was already wrapped as I was using a distress ink which wasn’t very moist, but I’d recommend doing it beforehand if you have an ink that’s likely to bleed. You don’t want to damage the gift inside.

So there you go… a simple, all occasion idea of using brown paper to wrap your gifts and personalising them yourself with ribbon, cellophane, stamps, stickers or anything else on hand really.

And a couple of stash buster mini cards using scrapbooking scraps:


The cute helper is optional!


Tomorrow I will show you what was in those presents :)

4 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping Ideas With Brown Paper”

  1. Lana: Living with Post Concussion Syndrome

    I like re-purposing paper grocery bags as book covers or gift wrapping.

    1. Holly Connors

      That’s a great idea too Lana. Unfortunately it’s all plastic bags here in Australia but what a great use. I’m such a hoarder, I’d end up keeping them for something if we did anyway haha

      1. Lana: Living with Post Concussion Syndrome

        I just try to find a way to be friendly to earth. Reducing instead of chucking them is better. I tend to hoard the bags as well, refusing to throw them away

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