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15 Furniture & Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Dreaming of a home straight from the pages of a glossy style magazine? Aren’t we all. However sometimes our available space simply does not give us much room to work with.

But that’s okay. You simply need to be creative in finding furnishings and decor that compliment the space you have. Team this with a few key pieces, and you too will have a house you are proud to flaunt.

To inspire you, check out some of these fabulous and functional ideas from around the web for decorating small spaces. Below are 15 ideas for furniture for small spaces:


Under the bed is a great place to create extra storage for a small home. Many beds already come with built in storage options. Or you can create your own.

Storage bed – Finding your bedroom a bit too squishy for comfort, how about under bed storage that blends right in. You might even be able to eliminate the need for bedside tables to save space.

bed with storage

Shelf Bed – This one may encourage a bit of clutter with the open shelf style but it does give some extra bedroom storage.



Under Bed Storage – A few of these under bed containers can be a great way of introducing extra storage space into your home. Vacuum bags are also great for this.



A small home office or study is a reality for many, but there are plenty of ideas to give you an organised space designed for productivity.

Corner Desk – A small home office or perhaps you only have a corner in another room to utilise. A corner desk is a perfect solution.

corner desk


Laptop Desk – If you only have the bare minimum of home office supplies, such as a laptop, something as simple of this may be ideal.



Command Centre – Or if you simply need an area to organise all the important items for the family, this could be perfect.



Behind Door Caddy – This is a very cool idea for some sneaky storage. This caddy is hinge mounted behind a door to give some extra shelves that are only visible when needed. Great for behind and office door, or bathroom or bedroom… anywhere really.



Kids rooms can be one of the worst areas to organise when the space is limited, so I absolutely adore some of the kids bed combos you can get these days. Plus you may find a place to hide some of the toys that take over the house.

Desk bunk – Room for a desk and bed all in one, they can do their study without needing too much extra space in the room.

desk bunk


Shelf bed – This one I adore but unfortunately am unsure of the source as I found it via a google search as just an image, but the shelves make for great storage plus a trundle bed below.

kids bed combo


Single with Trundle – If the other beds are a bit elaborate, maybe something more simple is best still with extra storage plus a trundle. This is what I hope to get my daughter for her first big girl bed or something similar.



Couches that double as beds are always useful to have. Hidden storage. Floating shelves. Wall mounted electronics is also a fabulous way to save space in your living area.

Futon sofa – I’m a fan of futons simply because if you don’t have room for a spare room, at least these simple couches will convert into a spare bed.futon sofaHidden Storage Couch – This is cool because not only does it have hidden storage, it also converts to a double bed.


Floating Media Kit – This is a perfect way to eliminate the need for an entertainment unit to save a whole lot of space. Get your TV and devices up on the wall and out of the way.



Sometimes a dining room is almost a luxury as a lot of homes barely have room for a full size dining table or open plan living. Find a table that can convert from small family to entertaining a crowd.

Storage table – This thing is kind of amazing. Not only does it fold down to a box size, but it has hidden storage as well. Very innovative. expandable table


Drop Leaf Table – Converts from circle to oval with expansion option.



There you have it. Some very nifty space saving furniture and storage ideas for decorating a small space. Perfect for apartment living or simply a smaller style house. There’s no reason a small space can’t be super trendy and stylish too.

What is your favourite storage solution in your home? 

26 thoughts on “15 Furniture & Storage Ideas For Small Spaces”

    1. It can get pretty scary under there. I recently found a rubber duck, sippy cup, shoe and lots of other unknown objects under our bed. The main bed is far too low for storage unfortunately but my spare bedroom has the space maximised.

  1. I love going to Ikea and seeing what they’ve done with small spaces. We did live in a small space but have a lot more room now but I still love looking at furniture, and our bedrooms are quite small. Love some of the ideas here for bedrooms! x Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  2. I think I’d really love the storage space under a bed. I have this problem with a small room and not enough space for everything. I think these ideas are great. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. bel @ Mums Take Five

    i have underbed storage on our bed, nice big drawers, they are so good love them. When we bought my sons bed i looked for one that was high enough off the ground so i could put plastic tubs with rollers under them. Makes the room soooo much tider.
    Great ideas and posts Thanks for contributing this post to The Sunday Brunch Magazine!
    All the best, Bel

  4. Thanks for the great post, Holly. I think there are 2 more options for space saving bed: sleeper sofa and bunk bed with storage. And bunk bed is the best space saving option in my opinion.

  5. Thank you so much Holly for this epic post.

    Who wouldn’t want to save a couple of space where it wouldn’t cost more than a few dollars?

    We actually have a bed at home that has a lot of space where we store most of our belongings. Out of all the ideas, I found that using the storage bed can actually free a lot of space, especially in the bedroom.

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