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Freezer Cooking – Alternative Method of Meal Planning

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Meal planning is a fabulous thing. You save time by knowing exactly what you are going to be cooking without that last-minute ‘what’s for dinner?’ freak out. You save time at the grocery store, knowing what you need to buy. And you save cash by buying only what you need with little to no waste. Win!

But meal planning can also be very overwhelming, especially if organising isn’t your strong point. It means planning out your meals at least a week ahead. Sometimes longer. It also means organised grocery shopping so you have all that you need for each meal each day.

That can be tough when you lead a hectic life or simply don’t know what you’re going to want to eat that far in advance. There are ways to make meal planning work for you by being flexible, but sometimes it’s still not for you.

Never fear, there is a fabulous alternative for those of us who are lazy, disorganised, busy or just hate the structure of meal planning. That’s freezer cooking.


Freezer cooking has the same benefits of meal planning. It saves cash and time. In fact, it saves even more time usually.

Instead of planning out your week of meals to cook each day, freezer cooking is all about cooking in advance in big bulk batches, like a month of main meals cooked in a single afternoon. Yep, it’s totally do-able. I know because I do it!

In fact, my once a month cooking post is still one off my most popular posts to date. It also includes some of my go to cooking lazy meals for the freezer!

Make sure you keep your freezer clean and functional – learn how to defrost your freezer.

Making Freezer Cooking Work For You

Like meal planning, you work out what you are going to cook and buy what you need. I would recommend you try and make sure they are complimentary meals to maximise your kitchen space during your cook ups, such as those using a variety of methods – slow cooker, stovetop, oven bake.

You also need meals that freeze and defrost well. Some things just don’t recover well from freezing. But meals like casseroles, stir fry, lasagne, meat patties etc are all good options.

Cook up your bulk lot of meals, put them in freezer-safe containers or freezer/sandwich bags, allow them some cooling time then freeze. Then simply defrost in the fridge that morning, or put them straight in the microwave to heat and serve.

No day to day cooking needed. Meals planned out in advance to save mega time. No wastage. Plus since they are frozen, if your plans change, it’s no big deal to save a meal for another day. Mega bonus!

You can still use weekly meal planning to decide which freezer meals you will eat when, if you want to take your meal organisation to the next level though!

Meal planning printables

Embrace your lazy cooking preferences and get more organised fast, by giving yourself more time during the week to get the things done that you need to get done, without relying on bad food choices like takeaway and convenience high salt and high-fat foods from the store. You’ve got this!!

Check out these 70+ easy freezer meal recipes to start loading up your freezer today!

Easy peasy… So tell me, are you a meal planner or a freezer cooker? Or neither?

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