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{DIY} Handmade Christmas Gifts Update

Recently I shared a few handmade Christmas gift ideas I intended to make for my own family this Christmas, as part of my handmade Christmas plan. The post has been booming all through December, so it seems I am not the only one committed to handmade this festive season. Or perhaps they have been inspiration for some DIY projects to make for yourself. Either way, it has been a fun project.

I will admit, not every gift I am giving this year will be handmade, but of the 17 family members I am giving gifts to, 10 of them are coming with the handmade touch. A pretty good effort I think!

Here are some of the handmade gifts I have created so far:

Photo coasters

These were the first gift I made this year and they were pretty easy to make. The only problem was they are still a bit tacky and have the tendency to stick to things. I am hoping that isn’t always the case. However they look great and I hope my big sis loves having coasters of her 8 kids. That’s them in order of age in the top pic (and now you can see why Christmas is so big and somewhat expensive in our family).

photo coasters

photo coasters

Grandkids Sign

This is by far my favourite. And it’s for my mummy! She is a bit of a DIYer herself so I am hoping she loves it. The only problem is, she has 11 grandkids and one on the way. Makes it a bit squishy fitting everyone, but on Christmas day I might take a few group shots of most of the kids and she can add bigger pics instead. I will have to get my brother to send up an updated pic of his 2 kids as they live interstate and this isn’t our year to have them for Christmas unfortunately.

grand kids sign


Do you like how I included our bub on the way? I’m sure everyone will get a bit of a laugh out of number 12.

grandparents photo sign


Ballerina Hair Accessory Holder

This one I didn’t use a tutorial for. It’s one I saw years ago but am not sure where the original tutorial is as I have made enough of them now that I no longer need to refer back. This is for my 2 youngest nieces who share a room. With it they will also get a heap of handmade hair accessories as they love my headbands and hairclips. Every time they visit they raid my collection.


ballerina hair accessory holder


Movie Night Gift Packs

These were more DIY than handmade, but teenage boys aren’t the easiest to hand make things for. No doubt they will love their movie night gift packs though, as they each have a voucher to the cinema, a microwave popcorn, a chocolate bar and an engraved bottle opener (I got the bottle openers for a bargain price when I had my nephews 18th birthday present engraved last month).



movie night gift


I am still yet to make the final handmade present for Christmas (yep I’m cutting it fine this year). For my niece, I am making plant markers and I have just done the ever so subtle job of asking what she currently grows in her veggie patch. She is thinking I am buying her seeds probably. She said she is looking forward to growing more stuff so hopefully it is a nice surprise when it’s something other than seeds.

All the tutorials with the exception of the ballerina can be found on my existing post, so you too can have a go at making your own version of these cool gift ideas.

Did you do any handmade gifts this Christmas? I’d love to see so if you have any pics up on your blog, let me know the link.


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