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Digital Project Life

Digital project life is a way to scrapbook your precious memories on the go! A few days ago I posted about the innovative and dynamic new scrapbooking craze that has taken over the scrapbooking world in the past 18 months – Project Life.

While I do still love playing with real paper and embellishments, the collection of supplies, gadgets and completed creations was taking up a lot of space… with the space needed continually growing to fit everything in. So after so many years of saying I would never go ‘digital’ with my scrapbooking, I gave it a go.

More specifically, I had an attempt at digital project life, which you will see above. I had seen so many examples of digital pages by others and loved the clean, crisp look of these pages and all of the Becky Higgins Project Life line was available digitally.

Almost instantly I was hooked and I ended up doing a complete year of my daughter’s first year in both digital and a physical project life album. The digital pages I put together in a photo book for both grandmother’s for Christmas & they loved it!!

Since then, I have decided to switch to digital for my 2014 yearly album, as well as going back and doing a few holidays/previous years digitally. It is so quick and easy, and all you need is a digital kit, a photo editing program such as Photoshop, Lightroom or one of the free ones available, and your photos. That’s it! And there are so many free tutorials out there to teach you the basics.

The best part about digital project life otherwise is the space saving. You can keep the pages all on your PC, displaying them perhaps on a website, facebook or a blog, or you could have them printed individually and slotted into a scrapbook album in between traditional pages, or have a photo book printed with each of the layouts in order.

Check out some of my completed pages.

Keep an eye out soon and I will do a comparison between Digi & Traditional style project life scrapbooking in case you aren’t sure what will suit you.


Monday 16th of February 2015

Hi Holly

I just love your digital Project Life pages. I am a traditional scrapper from South Africa and was wondering how to go about doing digitial Project Life. I have seen digital scrapbookig, but not in the Project Life format. You also have beautiful backgrounds etc. When Ive looked at photobooks the backgrounds and embellishments were not nice and very plain. Can you point me in the right direction please. Charlotte


Monday 16th of February 2015

Hi Charlotte, Thanks so much for your kind comments. I actually get a lot of questions about starting digi and how I do my backgrounds so I recently put together a post that will hopefully help get you on the right track, but feel free to ask more questions if there's anything I've not covered :) digital is lots of fun.