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Baby Shower Invites & Poem

Baby shower planning is such fun. Last week I printed off the invitations for my friends upcoming baby shower, which I am hosting!! I love party planning. It is one of my favourite things.

We had our first shopping trip on Friday and purchased a few items for the day, like the token giant baby bottle for the lolly guessing game. Some blue yarn for the belly measurement guessing game and a few other bits and pieces.

She has a stack of little cardboard favour boxes left over from their wedding, so during our shopping trip we decided to have a lolly buffet that guests can fill their boxes up from. So a few pretty shaped bottles and vases made their way into our trolley. Gotta love discount stores.

Initially the plan was simple – blue and white. No specific theme. However, on Friday my friend decided she wanted to throw in a jungle theme too.

All good. The invites are not jungle themed but if we keep with blue and white and mix in some monkeys, giraffes and elephants, it’s no biggie! Their nursery is jungle theme.

As everyone who knows me is well aware, I can’t hold a function without a special theme or event thrown in. For this baby shower, it’s asking each guest to bring an item of clothing that represents their friendship with mummy-to-be. It is kept unwrapped and placed in a bag on arrival. The mummy then has to guess who might have brought each item. A bit of a laugh. While I can’t reveal on here in case she reads this before August, my outfit is perfect for me to give. She will laugh and know straight away.

The challenge was then finding a poem to go with the invites for the game. Could not find one anywhere online. I wrote a dodgy one and the person assisting in the shower is a teacher who made it far more awesome and rhyme-y.

How fabulous do the invites and extra inserts look (although I had the wrong lens on so a bit out of focus). I kept them simple and you can purchase a customisable version in my Etsy store. I can make them any colour instead of blue too.

The insert poem is:

For Kelly’s baby to be well dressed,

An item of clothing we do request.

Of many sizes you could choose,

Something that represents you & Kelly too.

Keep the clothing unwrapped and unmarked,

We’ll make it a game – a special task.

Who gave the clothing Kelly will guess,,

See if she will pass the test!


I printed them all at home from my Epson printer, which is nothing fancy but reasonable for photos due to my scrapbooking hobby. For the textured card I used Becky Higgins 4 X 6 White Cards. They were perfect. I love the look of the rounded corners for that extra little something.

They also come in a 3×4 size, however for the inserts I simply created a template with 2 per card and cut them in half with my paper trimmer, then rounded off the 2 straight corners with my Project Life Corner Rounder. At least then I know it will match since it’s the same company, but any corner rounder would do the job.

These will now be turning up in lots of letter boxes soon as my friend is inviting around 50 ladies to her day. So many people! But it will be a blast. I will share more closer to the event, including lots of photos from the day.


Tuesday 8th of July 2014

The invites are gorgeous! Love throwing parties - so fun!


Tuesday 8th of July 2014

Thank you & it's the most fun. I should have been a party planner... Not a boring psychologist ;)


Monday 7th of July 2014

Thank you :)


Sunday 6th of July 2014

Thanks Toby :) I'm pretty happy with them. Simple is good sometimes.