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Simplify My Life Challenge – Dining Room Declutter

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The time has come for another Simplify My Life declutter challenge and this month we are on to the dining room declutter. For most, this one is a relatively simple area, although it all depends what other furniture and storage happens to be in your dining area.


Dining rooms can either get a lot of use, if you eat all your meals in there, or not so much use – yes, some people prefer to eat their meals in front of the TV. I’ll admit I do a bit of both, but breakfast is always at the dining table and weekend meals when we are all home. My daughter has her own mini table and chairs she uses otherwise, usually for lunches and week night dinners.

Some homes also have formal dining rooms which may be a whole second room to tackle this month. Lucky you!  For us, we have an open plan dining area so pretty much if it’s an eye-sore, it’s on full display from half the areas of the house. Eeek!

Declutter Your Life

So to help your dining rooms get back into pristine condition and be a place you want to share your meals with family, get ready to get the room decluttered and ready for use!

Download your dining room declutter checklist by clicking the link to get started.

Dining Room Declutter Checklist

Here are some bonus decluttering tips to get you started:

  • Avoid using your dining table as a dumping ground for clutter – have a drop zone that you organise frequently somewhere within your house.
  • Having a few different table clothes, placemat and table accessories can really spice up the look of your dining area.
  • But have in mind also do you need 20 different table clothes? Probably not – good place to downsize.
  • Minimal decoration on the table is easier to make room for the important stuff – the food.
  • Mirrors on the wall can open up a small dining space.

Away we go on the SIMPLIFY MY LIFE challenge – never to late to join in. Don’t forget to pop back for next week’s latest Organise task.

Do you eat all your meals in your dining room as a family?

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