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My Digital Project Life Process

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Project Life has transformed the way I record my memories and introduced me to a new appreciation of creative simplicity that I am so grateful for. I love that it is a system that can be adapted to suit the Individual, and as such, we all adapt our own process.

The Project Life app seems to have been many people’s introduction to digital project life, as these days I get so many questions on my Instagram photos on how I did a certain thing on my page using the app. In actual fact, I rarely use the app. My project life creations are mostly done via PC. So I thought it might be useful to share with others what my project life process looks like.

I am a digi project lifer mostly these days, which came about almost by accident when I decided to try for fun. Who knew that would one day lead me to my dream creative team, as part of the Becky Higgins 2015 team. That’s bucket list stuff right there!

To create my pages I use a windows PC and Adobe Premiere Elements 11. There are a few new versions these days, or you can subscribe direct to the Adobe Creative Cloud for all the most up to date software, but PSE11 does the job well.

I store my photos on my PC in yearly folders, further separated into monthly folders. I also store my digital project life supplies in folders on my PC (backing up both often on an external hard drive).

My process goes like this:
1. Open PSE11, my current photo folder & Project Life folder.
2. I work weekly, Monday to Sunday, so I highlight, drop & drag all the photos from that date range into PSE.
3. I go through and cull the photos that won’t make the cut for the weekly layout by simply closing them in PSE so I’m only left with the good ones (and still often more than what will go into the layout).
4. Based on the photos for the week, I choose suitable digital PL templates and open them in PSE.
5. I edit my photos as I go, adding them to the template along the way until I am happy with my photo placements.
6. I open the folder of the PL kit I want to use and highlight, copy and drag the journal & filler cards I think will work then have a play around til I am happy with the colours, placement and overall look.
7. I add in my journalling and any extra digital elements to the page.
8. I choose a pattern paper for the background and simply drag my layout template on top, drag in the corners to create a border and save the file as whatever week layout it is. I also save a copy of the PSD file in case I need to make changes later.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing complicated. It has worked well for me for the past 2 years, although of course I am always eager to learn more and experiment.

I would love to hear about your project life process so please share in the comments. 

7 thoughts on “My Digital Project Life Process”

  1. Love your use of background paper. That’s one thing I haven’t really tried yet. Other than that, we have a pretty similar process. I also rarely use the PL app.

    1. There is just so much more you can do all in one place via PC. I love adding the background. Partly because I like to print mine as photo books and it gives and extra border but also it just gives it a little extra oomf :)

  2. Hi Holly! Thanks so much for linking up to Project Life Monday Link up last week!! I too love the Project Life App and it saved me for the last few months of 2014. Hope you join us again this week!!

  3. Brooke- In Oregon

    I have a lot of pages done in the project life app but would like to open them on my pc to put finishing touches on them. Plus I can see them better. Is there a way to flow from the app to the computer?

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