Creative marketing with pinterest

Creative Marketing With Pinterest

Creative marketing can be scary for anyone launching a business, or trying to put their name out in the big wide world. If you have no business background and certainly no creative marking experience, knowing where to start is often one of the biggest struggles.

As someone who has dabbled with various business pursuits over the past few years, ever since entering into the world of motherhood, I have learned a few basic creative marketing techniques that have worked for me. One stands out in particular.

Creative marketing with Pinterest


It is no secret I love Pinterest. I make mention of it in a lot of my posts and lose a lot of hours scrolling through my Pinterest feed. This was happening well before I attempted to create any form of business. Think of it as a hobby, because that’s exactly what Pinterest was and still is to me.

However, it is now much more than that too.

Pinterest is my go to creative marketing tool for reaching a wide audience. While the audience may not be targeted to a specific country or region, it does bring me a lot of traffic to both this blog and my travel blog. Traffic is one of the first steps to becoming a pro blogger and making your blog profitable.

Creative marketing with Pinterest has brought traffic to my Etsy store and sales. It has resulted in sales of my recently launched ebook and other e-products and it has helped me to connect with other creatives.

For this reason, I have worked hard over the last couple of months to build my Pinterest following. In the last 3 months I have gained around 1600 new followers, with my audience growing faster by the week these days.


One of the best ways to build your Pinterest audience is to schedule your pins throughout the day, rather than bulk pinning and stuffing the feed. Not only does this avoid you annoying those following you, it also gives you the chance to be seen by more users at different times of day that you wouldn’t have otherwise been pinning.

This results in more followers who like your pin, check out account out and realise it is amazing. It hopefully also helps them find the content you want to promote and bring them to your blog.

I recently did a comparison of Pinterest scheduling tools to find the ones that work best for me. Most give free trials you can test for yourself.

Creating Pinterest optimised images is also essential for effective creative marketing on Pinterest. This means tall images with your post or product title so it catches the eye of pinners as they scroll through their feed (like the one at the top of this post).

Personally I barely pay attention to non-text pin images, unless I am searching for image based inspiration, such as hair and beauty.

Make sure you have Rich Pins enabled. This also makes your pins stand out more – they look more professional and credible as your website name and flavicon will appear on your pin.

Creative marketing with pinterest

Don’t just pin yourself. A Pinterest user worth following is one who shares interesting content across various topics and interests, and a recommended rule of thumb is 20/80. This means 20% your content and 80% other peoples content. Pinning others can also grab their attention sometimes.

Group boards can also be a great tool for your Pinterest creative marketing. Join relevant group boards that allow you to pin the content you want to promote, without being spammy. This gets your content in front of users who are not following you, and will hopefully send new people back to your website.

Also make sure to keep your boards and pins organised so they appeal to other pinners. Put your best boards at the top so they seem them first, and make sure you only pin quality content. Every now and again you may need to clean up your Pinterest account.

Aside from the costs of a scheduling tool, which is optional, the best thing about creative marketing with Pinterest is that it is free, easy to use and available to anyone. No marketing knowledge needed if you follow those simple steps to successful Pinterest marketing.

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24 thoughts on “Creative Marketing With Pinterest”

    1. Are you using it to schedule or just pin on the spot? I would fill but my boards & set a few pinning slots through the day to space them out in the full version. I love Tailwind but BoardBooster is more budget friendly so I use that now. Great tools.

    1. Haha thanks Haidee. I have been using the Boardbooster looping mechanism. It’s pretty cool. It repins an old pin to the same board so people who missed it before suddenly see it, in case they weren’t following you back then Etc. Nice easy way to keep it fresh but I haven’t been on the receiving end to see if it clogs the feed lol tell me if I’m clogging ;)

    1. So glad to help you get started. It really is amazing for marketing of any kind. There is always someone searching for what you have on offer… And even if they aren’t, build up enough of a following & add some group boards, and they will see it in their feed & then realise they needed what you have to share ;) good luck.

  1. I got so addicted to Pinterest during our wedding planning that I’ve not really been utilizing it to the best of my ability for my blog. Last year I started dabbling with pins again, but I am so afraid of falling down that rabbit hole and losing a whole day! :) I need to be more intentional about pinning regularly. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I’m actually super bummed Pinterest wasn’t really around for my wedding. It would have been AMAZING! I think it was only a year or 2 later it became a big thing. Lucky I have 2 kids to plan parties for now instead lol

    1. It can definitely be time consuming but addictive. It is a huge blog traffic referral though… But lots of international traffic so not as good if you want to target just local. Great for travel blogs too ;)

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Pinterest is my biggest social channel and the #1 referrer of traffic to my site. Creating Pinterest optimized images for my posts has been a huge component of driving traffic to my site.

    I recently upgraded to the paid version of Tailwind. Earlier this year I’d gotten out of the habit of pinning regularly and my follower count had kind of stagnated. Ever since scheduling pins regularly via Tailwind I’ve seen both my followers and re-pins steadily on the rise again. It’s been worth every penny for me!

  3. I will be the first one to admit that I am terrible about my pinteresting habits. I really need to take about a weeks time and organize it all again. I recently just read another article that spoke of rich pins, so that is high on my priority list right now. I need to work on the group pin board one though as well. I think it’s because I’m a control freak, so having others pin on my boards causes a bit of anxiety. Great tips though!

    1. Haha Renay, I get what you mean with group boards. I look at some of the stuff added to my boards & think ‘No, not even close’, but most people do the right thing. Rich pins is a good idea! Makes you look more official :)

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