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Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

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By the time November rolls around each year, it feels like Christmas is about to land on our doorstep. We are only weeks from the festive time of year and this means for many a mad panic to get organised for events, feasts and gifts.

While togetherness is the most precious gift of all, giving a thoughtful and appreciated Christmas gift can be a fun and exciting time too. But coming up with creative Christmas gift ideas is not always easy. To help you with your Christmas gift shopping this year, I have put together some ideas on gift ideas to suit different tastes, styles, budgets and themes that will hopefully save you a little last minute gift idea panic this year.


Some people are really hard to buy gifts for, because if they want it, they have it and that doesn’t leave many options for the rest of us. So what on earth do you get them?

Gifts for the Person Who has Everything

An experience – Instead of a physical gift, treat them to a fun outing or experience. It could be some adrenalin packed day out, or a simple trip to the movies. You could even take them out on a picnic to the local parklands… whatever suits your budget. Plus there are websites such as Red Balloon that allow you to purchase vouchers for different experiences too.

Something Personalised – The person who has everything may have everything covered, but do they have a version that is personalised with their name or other personal tastes. It could be a piece of jewellery engraved with their name or a special message. Or perhaps an iphone case with a favourite photo. Personalised gifts can come in many forms and can make something ordinary into something to be cherished.

For the Person Who Lives Far Away

Some of our loved ones may not have the opportunity to be with us over the holiday period, so this means coming up with Creative Christmas gift ideas that don’t cost a fortune to post, or can be delivered in alternative methods.

Something That Fits in an Envelope – There are heaps of options that fit in envelopes that go beyond just money or gift cards.

For the Homesick or Expat – If you have a friend or family member who has relocated somewhere far from home, sending them a gift that reminds them of home can be a wonderful opportunity to get a little creative with your Christmas gift ideas. How about a packet of Tim Tams and some Vegemite for your Aussie expat, or an item from their favourite local designer. Things that remind us of home are always wonderful gift options.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you want to make an even bigger impact this Christmas, how about a gift that keeps on giving… well beyond Christmas day. And not just something that they can use everyday, but something that arrives like a whole new gift each month. There are some pretty cool options for this.

For the Foodie – A home-delivered food subscription can be a great idea.

They can be thinking of you every time they enjoy a new kitchen masterpiece each month. Plus you can cancel any time so you can do 1 month, a couple of months, or just keep it going until you decide to stop. Very cool!

For Kids – An educational or creative kid’s subscription box is a great option for keeping kids busy and loading them up on monthly boxes of fun too! Check out the best monthly kid’s subscription boxes to help you pick the right one!

The Reader – Magazine subscriptions are a good idea for anyone with a passion for reading, or a unique hobby that comes in the form of a monthly magazine subscription. Purchase a year of their favourite magazine and have it delivered to their home.

Beauty Queen – Beauty box subscriptions are also really popular these days, with services such as BellaBox creating a monthly box of beauty related goodies – make up, skin care, hair care and other fun items, with the retail value being much higher than the cost of the box. They usually come packaged in adorable little boxes as well.

For the Low Budget

Not all of us have lots of dollars to splurge during the Christmas period, so sometimes that creativity needs to be spent on something a little more affordable.

This means handmade is the perfect idea.

In fact, last year I committed to a handmade Christmas and did DIY Christmas gifts for my whole family. It was cheap plus fun getting creative and making sentimental items for my loved ones. Pinterest is full of great ideas, plus you can check out my own DIY Christmas gift post from last year for more inspiration.

And don’t forget to start your Christmas shopping early to avoid the mad rush through December. November is actually a far better time to get in and get started… or avoid the shops and do all your shopping online if you can manage it. Those Christmas crowds can get a little crazy!

Do you have any creative Christmas gift ideas to share?

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  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Great ideas, Holly. Love me a personalised gift, especialy the personalised Nutella jars from Myer Giftorium and especially if they have my name on it! Charity gifts are good too, it feels good to give and to receive all at the same time.

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