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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area for Entertaining

Entertaining guests in your backyard or patio is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s a simple joy in having your friends and family over and making sure that they enjoy their stay. What’s not as simple, however, is creating the perfect atmosphere for such an event. It takes a lot of work to make your guests feel comfortable and at home in your own home. But with the right planning and preparation, you’ll be able to turn your backyard or patio into the perfect guest getaway. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Set up your backyard or patio to accommodate guests

Although it sounds obvious, not every backyard or patio is naturally set up to entertain guests. Make sure that you’ve set up enough space so that your guests can move around comfortably. This may mean adding or removing furniture and fixtures as needed. If you feel like your backyard or patio needs more space or that it needs some remodeling, consider consulting with specialists. A good deck or patio is an investment, but one that’s worth it if you love having friends and family over.

Have one main area for food and drinks

In most cases, it’s best if you have one designated area for food and drinks. This way, you won’t have to serve guests every time they want a quick bite or another round of drinks. This also allows guests to eat and drink at their own pace, making them feel more comfortable throughout the event. It’ll also save you the time and effort of having to go in and out of your house when serving guests the first time.

Bring the inside…outside

Another great way to make guests feel more comfortable in your backyard or patio is to bring the indoor atmosphere outside. This means bringing furniture and fixtures from your house out into your patio as needed. A well-placed sofa, for example, can provide a terrific spot for guests to settle down and converse. Or perhaps you could place an interesting piece of furniture in a specific spot to make it a conversation piece. Just because you’re hosting guests outdoors doesn’t mean that they should feel any less comfortable or entertained than if they were indoors.

Set the right ambiance and atmosphere

Lastly, don’t forget about the mood and overall atmosphere of your event. Remember that creating the perfect outdoor area for entertaining guests is more than just changing the physical space. It’s also about setting the mood and capturing the feeling that you’re trying to convey to your guests. One great way to do this is to play the right type of music in the background. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for the event and that it’s neither too loud nor too soft to hear. The right lighting system can also do wonders for your space and ambiance, especially if you’re hosting guests during the evening.

Creating the perfect outdoor area for entertaining guests may take a bit of work and preparation, but it’s worth it once you see how comfortable your visitors are.

What are your top tips for the perfect outdoor entertainment area?


Saturday 25th of April 2015

I have a backyard and patio that needs help. Thank you for the ideas. Pinning to remember for when the weather clears up. We love entertaining! Thanks for sharing with us at Home Matters linky party!


Sunday 26th of April 2015

Glad you found the tips useful. Entertaining outdoors is so nice, and with a little organisation, can be nice and easy at least :)