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4 ingredient simple pavlova

Simple 4 Ingredient Pavlova

This simple pavlova recipe only requires 4 ingredients and is easy to make! This popular Australian dessert is perfect for entertaining, topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit or grated chocolate. Enjoy the crisp pavlova meringue and soft marshmallow filling.

Simple Rum Balls Recipe with only 5 ingredients

Simple 5 Ingredient Rum Balls

Rum balls are one of my favourite festive treats and they are so easy to make! In fact, I’m not sure why I wait until December each year to make them… they are a perfect treat all year round! That’s why you will love this simple rum balls recipe!

Freezer meals

How To Cook a Month Worth of Meals in One Afternoon

The thought of cooking a month worth of meals in a single afternoon may sound somewhat crazy, but in fact, it’s totally do-able and an amazing way to meal plan for a month! One month freezer cooking is a game-changer if you are looking to get back more time by reducing the time spent in the kitchen. These tips will help you to create the perfect month worth of meals plan for you and your family.

Crunchy Seasoned Peas

Looking for a healthy alternative to chips or crackers? Look no further – these crunchy peas are the perfect healthy substitute. When in Vietnam earlier this year we were often given bowls of salty crunchy peas at bars or before dinner drinks. Our toddler could not get enough of them surprisingly. I have been meaning …

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Nutella Choc-Chip Mug Cake

That dreaded moment came when I realised I had no chocolate in the house…well, almost no chocolate. There were chocolate chips in the cooking supplies. Oh dear, time for desperate measures. When I get a massive sweet tooth craving and have no chocolates otherwise in the house, its time to turn to the amazing mug …

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Novelty sandwich cutters

Novelty Sandwich Cutters

It can be challenging sometimes to get kids to eat certain foods… or at least to keep a variety of foods on the menu. My daughter would happily eat cheese sticks and bananas all day if we let her. With a side of rice perhaps.

Classic Omelette Recipe

Omelettes have always been my go to comfort food. No matter if I’m sick, having a bad day or just suffering the cold weather, an omelette is the perfect simple meal to fill my belly. A recently discovery is that my toddler is also a big fan of my omelettes also. As in usually I …

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Bulk Green Smoothies

When life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. We end up tempted to just grab the quick and easy, which may not necessarily be the healthiest choice. I’m guilty of making some pretty lousy food choices sometimes. I am addicted to chocolate in a big way. I’m not …

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