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Byron Bay Guacamole

This week there is something a little extra special. Instead of one of my usual kitchen experiments or faithful favourites, Dhanya from The Spice Adventuress has a fabulous recipe to share which I cannot wait to try out. Don’t forget to pop over to her blog and follow her on Facebook page for more deliciousness! Byron …

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Crunchy Seasoned Peas

Looking for a healthy alternative to chips or crackers? Look no further – these crunchy peas are the perfect healthy substitute. When in Vietnam earlier this year we were often given bowls of salty crunchy peas at bars or before dinner drinks. Our toddler could not get enough of them surprisingly. I have been meaning …

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Novelty sandwich cutters

Novelty Sandwich Cutters

It can be challenging sometimes to get kids to eat certain foods… or at least to keep a variety of foods on the menu. My daughter would happily eat cheese sticks and bananas all day if we let her. With a side of rice perhaps.

Bulk Green Smoothies

When life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. We end up tempted to just grab the quick and easy, which may not necessarily be the healthiest choice. I’m guilty of making some pretty lousy food choices sometimes. I am addicted to chocolate in a big way. I’m not …

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