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7 Tips to Clean Up Your Pinterest

My plans to get organised and start my simplify my life challenge has taken a bit longer than anticipated to get going. A combination of a back injury plus a very busy period with events, projects and all that other time consuming stuff.

So I’m starting off with an easy one. It may not be something you’ve considered but if you happen to have been on Pinterest for a while like I have, over time your boards get a little messy. You may find you’ve repined something multiple times (although this happens less often now… thank you Pinterest), or you’ve got 3 boards of the same sort of thing for example. It gets messy.

clean up pinterest

A disorganised Pinterest also means it takes you longer to find that Pin you desperately need right this second for that recipe you want to try or project you want to make. That’s time better spent doing the creating… not searching aimlessly.

So here is how to get your Pinterest in top shape with my 7 super clean up Pinterest tips:

1. Get rid of double up boards

This may mean editing each pin one by one to move them all into the same board, but it’s worth it in the long run. For example, do you really need a home design and a home organisation board, or is one simply called ‘home’ just as good? Probably.

2. Use simple board names

Simple names make everything… well, simple. They are also easier to search for by other pinners so it makes everyone’s life a little easier. One or two words can usually sum up most boards.

3. Put Boards in Order

I was getting frustrated by the fact that my boards were in the order of when I created them rather than alphabetically. Sounds a little OCD, but alphabetical is so much easier to find the board you want when you have a lot of boards. Organise yours to suit your preference.

4. Have a clean out

Every so often if time permits, go through and delete any pins you know are definitely not relevant to you or no longer needed. Sometimes we all get a little pin-happy so it’s nice to have a spring clean and purge those unwanted pins.

5. Use keywords

When you Pin a new item, use a few key words to describe it. Makes it easier for everyone in future, including you, when searching for a particular something.

6. Create Sub-Categories for Large Boards

You have 8000 recipes pinned and can never find the one you want. Time to split that board into sub-categories. Start each with the same heading, but add a sub heading, such as Recipes – Dessert, Recipes – Mains etc. That way you may only have 3000 pinned recipes on one board instead.

7. Remove Faulty Pins

You know the ones… you click the Pin and it takes you to nothing but the image, or a website that no longer exists. If it is a content based Pin, it’s pretty much useless to you so unless you’re really attached, ditch the duds and focus on finding proper content.

You can check out my Pinterest boards here or check out my year long Simplify My Life challenge to declutter, simplify and organise your whole life.

Are you a Pinterest addict like me? Link your account in the comments so we can come follow you.

13 thoughts on “7 Tips to Clean Up Your Pinterest”

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  2. I don’t have so much problem with my pins. But, it’s the people repinning my pins or pins I’ve sent to others tbat are clogging space on my phone. Some go back months/years. I don’t care if jinglejo pinned a pin 8 months ago. Any ideas how to delete or contact pintrest. Thx

    1. Try turning off your Pinterest notifications and you shouldn’t receive any phone notifications that way. They will only show up in your Pinterest stream when you look under notifications

  3. Great post. Although its an oldy I find it very relevant. I believe it will be too at least as long as Pinterest is. I do love having my boards alphabetized. Makes it so much easier. Something else I find is when somehow the pins appear in the wrong boards. I have been on Pinterest since they started and mostly have loved all of the new features, but have no idea how this happens… lol. I do make it a point to be careful when pinning to place them in the right board and give a hopefully decent description. Makes cleanup much more doable IMO. This article reminds me its time to do a spring cleanup. Thanks. And Namaste ;)

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