Genius pantry organisation ideas for your kitchen


Hands up if you need help with how to organise your pantry? Oh yes, all too often that space in the kitchen can turn to chaos pretty quickly with such frequent use. The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas of the home, so the pantry and fridge definitely work hard!

7 Genius pantry organisation ideas
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With food and cooking supplies going in and out on a daily basis, if you don’t have a great pantry organisation system in place, you will find yourself back to square one in no time! Trust me, I have been there! And it wasn’t pretty.

Not only that but if you haven’t gotten your pantry organisation sorted, you will end up wasting time in the kitchen, trying to find the things you need, instead of just getting in and getting the job done. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

To help you organise your pantry, I have found some of the best organised pantries from around the web to inspire you to get your own up to scratch too.

Genius pantry organisation ideas for your kitchen

1. Pull out Shelves

These pull out shelves to make it easier to see what is on each shelf, rather than having things get lost at the back. You are less likely to purchase duplicates because you could not find something, and it means you can store everything easily knowing you will be able to slide out the drawer and reach what you need.  The space saving spice storage in the hanger is a great idea too. Source


2. Stackable Containers

It can be difficult knowing how to organise a small pantry. This looks a lot like my pantry organisation and size, so I think it’s great how she has made the most of a small space. They appear to be Tupperware modular mates which are stackable and very easy to keep organised. This is what I use also and aim to have my stacks on view relatively easily, without too much in front of the containers. The hanging spice rack gives more room by freeing up some of the space and displaying them on the door. Source


3.  Basket Storage

The simple addition of some stylish baskets can make a big difference and again a great option for a small space or a low set pantry so you don’t have to bend down to find what you have. Just grab out the basket and sort through instead! It is a great idea to label your baskets so you know what each is. They have used chalkboard labels to personalise the baskets. Source

Genius pantry organisation ideas for your kitchen

4. Clear Storage Containers

My favourite thing about this pantry is the clear storage containers that are so much easier to see what you’ve got available. This looks neat and tidy, but with the added visibility to reduce search time. Although they have labelled each container too for added ease. Love those tall clear storage tubs! Source

Genius pantry organisation ideas for your kitchen

5. Glass Jar Storage

This pantry is quite stylish with all the labelled glass jars. I am loving the look. And Ikea is fabulous for cheap glass jars.  Although imagine if you dropped one. This pantry is probably best in a child free household, or when the children are older. I love that this pantry organisation method is quite aesthetic though.  Source


6. Small Pantry Organisation

I really love the neat simplicity of this pantry. Everything has its place and they have made good use of storage containers to store the different dry ingredients on each shelf. This is a relatively narrow pantry space so the biggest challenge will be having to double layer the containers and move things around to get the items at the back, however everything is in an easy to find position. Source

pantry organisation

7. Lined Baskets

This is another really stylish and pretty pantry. The lined baskets look great, along with the clear canisters. It is very country chic overall. I love the easy to access fruit and vegetable in the pantry too. This would make it so easy for kids to grab a snack on the go, although where we live it is very humid most of the year so we keep most of our fruit in the fridge to avoid it going ripe too quick. Source

pantry organisation

One thing most of them have in common are those gorgeous black chalkboard labels for pantry organisation so you know exactly what is in each container. It looks on trend and functional of course too!

You also need the right containers or baskets. I like stackable containers the best for my dry pantry items such as flour, sugar, baking essentials, etc and tall containers for cereal. The idea of baskets or containers to keep small items in one place is perfect too!

If you have joined the Simplify My Life challenge, you may have embarked on the big kitchen declutter and found some great kitchen organisation ideas to help you out. If not, that’s okay too. Plenty of time to catch up.

How I Organise My Pantry

For my own pantry, I have shelves dedicated to different types of goods. Eye-level is cereals, grains & things like coffee, tea etc. These are the things we use every day.

Next one down is all the meal-related stuff, like spices, sauces, packet and tinned goods and related products. The bottom shelf is baking supplies and snacks, and we have a tub with school-related snack items for easy access too.

Then my floor level has the bags for potatoes, garlic, onions, plus where we store things like cat food, kitchen supplies and extra-large items.

I also use the top shelf of my pantry for storing party supplies like paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery as well as a couple of tall appliances that don’t fit in my normal kitchen cupboard spaces. It’s pretty high so I need a chair to get up there and retrieve stuff so it is irregular use and special occasion items only.

I would take a pic but my kitchen area has poor natural lighting so it wouldn’t be the best of photos. You will just have to take my word that it is looking pretty snazzy at the moment… although still room for improvement (Hello trip to Ikea).

Need More Inspiration?

If you need extra inspiration, this book is a must-read! The KonMari Method is perfect for getting every part of your home decluttered and organised and the kitchen pantry is one of those clutter hotspots… anyone else have food expired 3 years ago? I’ve been guilty of this!

Read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

 How do you organise your pantry? Do you have any great tips to share?


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiration of organization, my dream is to have a pantry that is as big as a room, where I could have appliances there where I would have access to all the goods in the pantry at a reach.

    Join us for The Oh My Heartsie Girls WW this week!!!

    Have a great week, Karren

  2. Great inspo. Mine never stays neat for long! I am lucky though that we re-did our pantry and have drawers on the bottom, two large and one small in which is havr cans laying down. And then doors on the top half with shelves. The drawers are awesome. I am in desperate need of a spice rack of some description though!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my organized pantry! I really appreciate it! I’m sorry this response was so late. I haven’t been blogging for awhile. We’re building a beautiful new house and I’ll be sharing how I’m organizing all of the new spaces.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  5. good organiZation. Just thought about the stacked cans- always have to half-empty the cupboard to see what is in back- ever think about putting the cans in the cupboard ‘upside down’? Most of the names of the contents are toward the bottom of the cans.

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