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6 Ways to Save Money on Books

Reading is one of those pastimes that can bring so much enjoyment. Not only can you lose yourself in a whole new world, fall in love with new characters or learn something new, it is also a great way to relax and recharge. However reading can be an expensive hobby, if you don’t know how to save money on books.

Lucky for you there are plenty of ways to save money while still enjoying your reading addiction, so no need to give up your beloved hobby. They are also great ways to cut down on the space books tend to take up because I know for me, I have an overflowing bookshelf and that’s just full of my favourites!

save money on books

1. Library Membership

This one is pretty obvious. All the new releases, all the old classics and everything in between free to borrow at your leisure. Pretty awesome really… But there can be the problem of waiting for your next must read to be returned or the distance to and from your nearest library.

2. Digital Subscription

Many libraries now offer digital book loans as part of their services. This is great if you don’t mind reading on an e-reader or tablet. It isn’t ideal for everyone but it can often save you a trip to the actual library, with the ability to borrow online. There are other digital book borrowing services available online also but typically for a cost. Still cheaper than the average brand spanking new book.

3. E-Books

Following on from that, e-books in general are often cheaper to purchase. Not always but keep an eye out for specials. You can also score a lot of freebies, especially in places like the Apple iBook store or the Kindle store as examples. You may discover your new favourite for free.

4. Borrow From Friends

Got fellow book loving friends? Ask to borrow a book after they have finished it. You may even decide to take in turns to buy the next exciting release you both want to read to share the costs. Either way, it’s either costing you nothing or drastically reducing your costs, which makes it a fabulous way to save money on books.

5. Second hand

It may take a while longer before your must read new releases reach the second hand stores or markets, but you never know your luck. Keep your eyes peeled and see what great cheap finds you discover to keep your reading addiction under control. It may even work in your favour to become friendly with the seller or store owner so they let you know if they get anything you’re hunting for in. Second hand is cheap and there is often an exchange system in place at many second hand stores.

6. Swap Clubs

Start a book swap club or group with friends or local community members. Come together once a month with a handful of books each to swap between you so you each get some fresh reads without the painful price.

Reading is fantastic to keep the mind healthy and the imagination alive and well. It can be a great stress relief, just perfect for creating some me time, while also having the potential for expanding the mind. So finding ways to enjoy your love of books without the hefty price tag can only be a positive!

Do you have tips to save money on books?