6 Productivity Killers Stopping You Today

Productivity is essential for getting anything done, right? But are you as productive as you could be? Time to identify your worst productivity killers and get yourself on track to being extra awesome!

Here are some of the common worst offenders for failed productivity:

Social media
Sure, it’s great to keep in contact with friends and family on facebook, or check out amazing holiday photos on Instagram. Or perhaps it’s making sure you don’t miss a thing happening for your circles on Google +. Either way, so many of us a guilty of constantly checking social media all day long and interrupting our flow of productive work.


But relax, there’s no need to delete you beloved social media account. Just set yourself some ground rules and actually stick to them. Instead of having them running in the background while you do computer work, or responding to every notification on your phone, get rid of those distractions. Shut those extra browsers, turn off those notifications for a bit, or at least ignore them and give yourself some set times to check. Check over lunch and during your breaks, or give yourself half an hour to get it out of your system first up in the day if it is so important. You will be amazed how much time you will suddenly have on your hands.

Like social media, email can sometimes be an evil distraction destined to slow us down. Responding to every new email will stop you from getting far, so like social media, set yourself some times to check and respond to your emails in bulk, rather than as they come in. Shut your email down in between so you are not tempted to check after every beep and chime.

Not prioritising tasks can be a bad idea if you have a lot to get done. The last thing you need is to waste three quarters of your day on small, less important time consuming jobs instead of that urgent task with the deadline of tomorrow.

A great method for prioritising tasks is to create a to do list of things you need to get done for the week, but split them into categories of urgent/high priority, moderate priority and low priority so you know what to tackle first. It can also be very satisfying crossing items off your list once they are done.

Long lunch or no lunch
These may be opposites, but both can have a bad impact on you getting stuff done. Whether you work for a bit corporate company, with hundreds of colleagues or you are self-employed, working from your home office, it is important to set a good routine.

Sometimes, especially if we have co-workers we get along well with, we can be tempted to take an extra long lunch, have a chat and then get back with not a lot of afternoon left to finish that must do job. Or we’ve worn ourselves out and are wanting a nap. Same goes for not taking a break or eating at your desk.

Short breaks of around 20-30 minutes are great for refreshing the mind and energising with some food. Don’t be tempted to skip or extend too often, and you can help avoid the arvo slump

Not taking breaks
Following on from the last one, taking short breaks through the day are very important for keeping your mind on task and your body feeling good. Make sure you give yourself 5 minutes away from the computer or desk work every hour, even if it is just to have a quick stretch and get the oxygen flowing.

Been given a task but aren’t real sure what you are expected to do? You will hardly be productive if you are pushing your pen around your desk for hours trying to guess what you’re meant to do. Make sure you clarify your tasks so you know exactly what you need to do and how. Make sure you have the right tools and knowledge for the job. This will get you off on the best track to productivity.

Being your most productive self is not about being the quickest or the best. It is simply about giving yourself the best chance at getting things done, distraction free.

What are your best productivity tips?


44 thoughts on “6 Productivity Killers Stopping You Today”

    1. It’s amazing what you can get done when those distractions are absent. Sometimes it’s a blessing when my phone is flat or the internet drops out… Unless I need the internet. Then eeeeek!

  1. To be specific, Instagram is my greatest productivity killer. I really enjoy exploring through different accounts & hash tags that I miss doing what I should be doing for the day.

    From your list, aside from the social media, the not prioritizing part is, I believe, really influences our productivity. I agree with everything you said there.

  2. I have to agree with social media. I often find myself browsing through facebook and little did I know an hour has passed. What makes be productive is making lists of things I need to accomplish in a day. I keep the list on my desk. I am most excited at ticking them off. -katrina centeno

  3. Rochkirstin Santos

    I’m one of those guilty ones who constantly check my social media updates. However, I don’t think an employee will be sane working for long hours in the office without being connected even virtually to people in the world. Being at work and staying in a spaced cube feels really sad.

    1. Try working in a prison lol that was my reality for most of the past decade where there is no access to your mobile phone and no internet browsing enabling social media. Your only option is emailing co-workers and friends for a break from the mundane ;)

  4. Too bad. Guiltily for three of them: social media, prioritizing, and clarity. The problem though (like one of the comments stated here, some of ’em are already part of the working life (or let’s simply say business). I guess, it all boils down to self-discipline.

  5. Admit or not, you’re right the Internet is such a time-killer if you think about it. There are other things to do and books to read. But FB is just so addicting! I go into withdrawal when there is no free wifi. Haha! – Fred

  6. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    LOL, social media is the worst for killing my productivity! Between blog comments, facebook and twitter there is not time for anything, LOL.

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