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2 Books You Need to Read!!

Reading has been one of my favourite past times since I was a kid. Summer holidays usually meant devouring book after book while lazing by the pool… or in it! That was simply how summer holidays were in my childhood and teens. As an adult, reading took a bit of a backseat though.

Years of uni drained me of time and had me not wanting to look at text on page anymore than I had to! Or when I did make time to read, it was short, light chic-lit novels that didn’t require much thinking. Light and fluffy!

Then came motherhood and reading just fell to the wayside. The only time I made time for it was when I was having some me time in the bath, and let’s face it… me time with babies and toddlers is a rare treat, so it easily took me a year to read a single book. So sad!

Late last year I had the urge to get back to reading because I was working too much and not giving myself anywhere near enough time to enjoy my hobbies, so my love of reading returned in full force. This year I even committed to a GoodReads reading challenge to read 40 books in a year. I’m a little behind, but I have been devouring books at record speed compared to the last few years of motherhood and running an online business!

It feels so good to be back to it and losing myself in stories and characters all over again. Although this year, something new happened too. I discovered a love of non-fiction for the first time in my life!

In fact, non-fiction has become my new favourite genre, especially with the addition of audio books to my life! Sorry kids… no kids Spotify playlist today!

This year I have read or listened to some of the most groundbreaking books in my entire life. Books that have not only been total page turners… or iPhone listens, but they have actually flipped my perspective and helped me change certain aspects of my life for the better. HUGE CALL!!


So today I wanted to share two of these recent life changing books with you all, just in case you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon for either of them!!

Must read books

The Barefoot Investor – The Only Money Guide You Will Ever Need – Scott Pape

A boring finance book you say? Oh no, there’s nothing boring about The Barefoot Investor! It’s a total page turner… trust me!

I first heard about this book on Facebook when a couple of friends were talking about. I had no clue what they were on about so I asked. It sounded pretty cool, so I jumped online and ordered a copy straight away. I couldn’t wait to get into it, simply to see what all the hype was about, and well… now I’m the one sharing Facebook posts about The Barefoot Investor and people are asking me about it!

Scott Pape, otherwise known as The Barefoot Investor is a finance guy with real world advice. He is raw, real and not backwards in coming forwards. He doesn’t avoid the tough questions and he will tell it like it is. I love that!

Scott teaches you how to transform your finances into a healthy state so you can actually start living comfortably in future. His process is about seperating your income into different buckets (it will all make sense when you read it) so that each area of your life is covered and you can start saving and building wealth.

Plus he has some pretty awesome tips for managing money as a couple too, especially with his regular Barefoot date nights! You’re not having a regular date night? Well this book will change that!

But does it work? Oh yes!

Before I even finished reading I tried out some of the scripts he provided and tips for negotiating, and managed to cut out a heap of unnecessary expenses from our household bills. I negotiated some better rates on the stuff we were keeping, and saved a bucketload of money either in the short term or long term.

The biggest change so far has been negotiating a better rate with our home loan. We already have a pretty good home loan package and in my past attempts without guidance, I had knocked the rate down a little already, but this time, using the script Scott includes in the book, I knocked an extra 0.81% off our interest rate. That’s going to save us thousands over the life of our home loan!  BOOM!

And my favourite thing – This was something my hubby was willing to get on board with too! He has no interest in finance stuff so it was a huge win for him to be using the terminology and showing some interest in how our money was being managed.

There is a follow up book aimed at families that is an equal must read if you have kids! Similar systems broken down in a way that help kids to become money smart and grow wealth from an early age. Brilliant!

The Barefoot Investor review


  • It’s the only money guide you’ll ever need… it tells you so!
  • Easy read
  • Funny
  • Simple steps to implement
  • Start saving instantly by following the steps
  • Get yourself in a healthy financial position faster
  • Aimed at Aussie’s and comes with recommended products that he actually uses
  • Tips for adults in every situation
  • It encourages regular date nights!!!


Girl, Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis

This one is a long way from being a step by step guide to managing money. Money comes up here and there in Girl, Wash Your Face, but this book is far more about changing your perspective and learning how to love yourself the way you should!

Rachel Hollis has been writing books for a while – romance novels, cookbooks… and she is a successful blogger and online media mogul, however Girl, Wash Your Face is Rachel’s first book in the self help genre.

Funny though… I always avoided self help books. I figured they would be too fluffy and not something I could get into.

I am not really one for positive affirmations and meditation, nor am I someone of religious faith. Yet this book is written by a Christian, through a Christian publisher and I could not love it more. And no, it doesn’t have me converting! It’s not like that.

As you read through chapters, you will have so many moments of thinking OMG… SHE GETS  ME! Like it’s actually crazy how much of this book I can relate to. It actually feels like she has figured out a way of documenting all those thoughts and feelings we all have but don’t know how to express.

I love how real Rachel is. She talks about the deepest, darkest moments of her life… the most cringeworthy and the most private thoughts that most of us dare never to admit to. Yet it makes you want to accept every one of those parts of your being and embrace them as making you who you are. Oh boy!

Never ever have I read something so powerful! I have laughed, cried, nodded… I probably even answered her a few times in the car listening to the audio version. Girl, Wash Your Face is possibly the best book EVER!

And if you’re like me and can’t get enough now that you’ve lived through this book, the good news is she also has a regular podcast and makes plenty of appearances on Instagram stories with her hubby Dave too.

If you need a good healthy kick up the but for motivation, her follow up Girl, Stop Apologising is a must too!

Girl wash your face review


  • She gets it! Like nobody else gets it!
  • There is a chapter on everything
  • You will feel empowered and ready to take on the world
  • Rachel shares the things that helped her make life better
  • It’s an easy read (or listen)
  • Prepare to laugh, cry, cringe and relate every step of the way
  • This is the kick up the butt you need to make the life that you love!


So who would have thought I’d have just recommended two self-help books to you all, but seriously if you are part of my tribe, you needed to know about these books TODAY! I would be keeping a really big secret from the world and a disservice to you all if I decided not to share, so I do hope you put them on your to read list!

Whether you borrow them from the local library, borrow from a friend, activate a free Audible trial or just get out and buy yourself a copy, make sure you get them into your life! You won’t regret it (or at least I’m quietly confident that you won’t).

Actually, if you’re not already an Audible member and would love to dip your toes into the world of audio books, sign up here and you will get 2 free audiobooks as part of your free trial too!!! I know which 2 I would pick!

And nope, this post is in no way sponsored. I simply love these books too much and had to shout it out to a whole heap more people not currently on my Facebook friends list or regular in person social network. Those people are sick of hearing about them by now!

Now it’s your turn… what books have you recently read that you can’t stop raving about? I am ready for some new obsessions! 

The Barefoot Investor review

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