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10 of the Best Housewarming Gifts

It’s a common problem. Friends or family have just moved into their dream home and are throwing a housewarming party to end all house-warming parties. You’re invited and you’ve been scratching your head trying to think of an exciting, off-the-wall, yet practical gift for their new home to match the excitement of the occasion.


To help you get your thinking caps on, here are ten different, yet highly practical ideas that will ensure your house-warming gift won’t be thrown in the back of the cupboard or forgotten about in the shed for years to come!

1. Magazine subscription

Your friends may have moved into their dream home but they will probably want to make a host of changes to suit their tastes. How about a subscription to an indoor/outdoor design magazine such as Home Beautiful or Gardening Australia?

A yearly subscription would cost little, yet keep the ideas flowing for home design and setting up a garden. Plus every month when their magazine arrives they’ll be reminded of you!

2. Chalk board

For the kitchen or kids’ room, this is an idea, now in vogue, for writing down thoughts, lists, and sayings. It’s practical and it looks great!

3. Quality power boards

There are never enough power points in a house. From a purely practical point of view, why not a number of power boards? One for each of the living and bedrooms would enable

numerous electrical appliances to be plugged in. The top quality power boards have an automatic safety switch to prevent overload, so the gift could turn out to be a lifesaver!

4. BBQ

Are the new homeowners the type of people who love to entertain? A quality barbecue would be the ideal housewarming gift.

While the price may be more than one person would usually pay for a gift, getting a group of people to split the cost would make the idea more affordable. A great idea for the summer months!

5. Seedling gift basket

Your friends will soon be thinking of putting in a nice garden as soon as the warm weather kicks in. Why not give them a head start by giving them a wonderful seedling gift basket?

The seedlings may be herbs, vegetables, or ornamental shrubs to get the garden on its way.

6. Local area book

Anyone moving into a new home — particularly if it’s in a new area — would love a local guidebook. This would be more than a guide to local events and community organisations; it would also include guides and vouchers to restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and more. Many councils fund such books or magazines and local food or tourist groups may also release their own copies. You could even create the guidebook yourself using online moving guides and resources.

7. History book of the area

Books make great moving in presents. Another one that would be practical and interesting (as well as a nice addition to the bookshelf) is a local history book.

8. Tool kit

Every home needs a set of tools, particularly if the new homeowners are looking to do some renovating. Why not consider a well-stocked tool kit as a present? Again this is a gift that may be best shared with other friends to defray the expense. Or why not grab a Bunnings voucher or gift certificate for their local outdoor tool shop.

9. Unique key holder.

A new home means a whole lot of new keys. Just keeping them in one place is a challenge. A uniquely designed and constructed key box, which would be placed on a wall, would make a useful — and decorative — housewarming present. Plus it’s one of those things you typically wouldn’t think of to buy for yourself.

10. Designer picture hanging hooks and frames

Every family that moves into a new home runs out of these. Perhaps a combination present of designer picture hooks and unique frames would be just the right housewarming present?

There are limitless ideas for that perfect house-warming present. Try checking out Pinterest and online design and renovating blogs for thoughts. Most of all, put yourself in your friends’ shoes.

What would you really love as a housewarming present should you have just moved into your dream home?