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DIY Hair Detangling Spray

As a mother of 2 daughters, I know all too well the agony of having hair brushed… at least my eldest sure does make it sound like it’s agonising, with a constant stream of whinging! She has long hair, so of course there are knots from time to time. However, it wasn’t until her younger sister came along did we really need some detangling help!


My eldest took a long time to get hair. She only had a light fuzz for her first year or so. By the time she was 3, finally she had a full head of hair and it got a bit of length. Meanwhile my youngest was born with a shock of dark, thick hair and while it eventually turned blond, she never lost her beautiful locks as a baby!

But, she was cursed with her dad’s fine hair, which means waking up with daily dreadlocks and a matted nest every single morning!

We needed a solution so we got a store purchased detangling spray. It worked, but wasn’t great. So it was time to try our own DIY option!

As a Doterra essential oil user, it seemed like a great place to try and with some recommendations from some fellow oil loving friends, we put together our own combination to make a DIY hair detangling spray that works far better than the store one we were using.

One good thing is that while miss 2 has a rats nest for a hairstyle every morning, she doesn’t actually mind having her hair brushed and thankfully our new homemade detangling spray gets the knots out straight away, leaving her smooth silky and great smelling hair.

Her big sister still carries on like crazy, however it’s much quicker to get her tangles out now too and she is usually happy to comply when she knows I’ve got the spray! Parenting win!!

What you need:

  • An empty spray bottle
  • Conditioner (any will do)
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Cypress essential oil
  • Tea Tree essential oil


  1. Add just enough conditioner to your spray bottle to cover the bottom.
  2. Add around 10 drops of each of the 3 essential oils
  3. Top up the spray bottle with water and shake to combine.
  4. Apply to hair as needed.

The cypress & lavender are the key to the detangling however tea tree works as a fantastic add in to deter head lice and other icky creepy crawlies parents dread!

Simple, quick and cheap to make, especially if you already have the essential oil basics in your home! I love Doterra for my essential oils and other related products. You can purchase your own essential oils online here.

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Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Very helpful post. I think if you have a very long and dry hair you should use a hairspray to keep your hair blowing. but when you choose it for your hair you should care because the wrong product can damage or spoils your hair beauty.

Sarah @ Stroller Lab

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Hey Holly, Thanks for the awesome idea! It is common that if you have long hair you have to face knots problems! It will be pretty helpful for my four-year-old daughter. Keep blogging. Your blow just awesome.

Ushmana Palmo Rai

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing this, goodbye tangles! So quick and easy and you can choose your own fragrance! Keep sharing more ! xx